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Today my big kids wanted to go off and be the big kids that they are so I took advantage of the time and took my littles to the zoo. Lincoln Park Zoo is a great location for a summer afternoon. We started at the farm this time around because we always seem to start near the conservatory and not make it to the second half of the zoo. This time we started that end and worked our way back to the Pritzker Family or Kids Zoo….. by that point they are pooped and can’t go on any longer. We had the most yummy ultimate nachos for our snack at the little cafe area, and after hearing the wolves howl in tune to the passing city fire engines (only in Chicago!), we headed over to the park to get a last run-around before climbing back into the blue bus and heading back to pick up the big kids. It was a pretty sweet day….. aside from my sweet M whining every second for food. Once those nachos hit her belly she as back to her usual self! 😉 I know you call can relate to those moments when you’re wee-one is whining up a storm and your thinking, “why on earth didn’t I just stay home?” And then your mommy senses kick in and you realize…. feed that stinkin’ belly! Wowza! Now why didn’t I just think of that before all this? 😉 Yeah, then you learn your lesson (for the millionth time) and enjoy the rest of the day in bliss. Happens to all of us! Been there…. done that!

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