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ZOO lights!

zoo1An adventure to Brookfield Zoo to see the zoo lights! What a sight…

We have never been to this zoo before. Arrived quite early thinking that we’d see a bunch of the animals and it took us a good 2 hours just to get through 3 exhibits.zoo2

The lights were spectacular and we enjoyed the evening. Grandma went with… broken arm and all. Seemed to enjoy regardless. It was a nice event after the christmas rush… nice to just get out and enjoy this amazingly mild winter weather we’ve been having! I think we’ll get a memebership to this zoo for the spring on through the following year. It’s a remarkable extablishment.

So… the first exhibit that we visit HAD to be the wild cats… of course.zoo4

This is the largest talked about topic in our home these days. This amazing lion just knew that K was ‘the man’… He was lazily laying on the other side of this log you see pictured here when we first walked up. And then just as if he ‘knew’ that K was there just for him… he gets up, walks right over to this viewing window we were standing at, and rubs against the glass. He then paces around and let’s out these amazing roars… literally went on for a good 30-45 seconds. zoo3K was in AWE… he was so astounded that he ended up getting back into the stroller… not too sure what to think about this whole experience!

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