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You look….


Yep… isn’t that something you always want to hear? Ironically, I showed up to this place feeling awesome. I had a fabulous night’s sleep. I got out the door on time with 4 kids in tow. Kids were all excited about the class, and I was greeted with…. “OHHH…. today you look tired.” I even question, “What? Really? Hmmm…. ” And then proceeded to fill like S*&T the remainder of the day. How’s that for positive reinforcement? : ) I surely don’t think I look so bad. And ironically gotten the most sleep ever with a newborn (for the most part…. I won’t mention last night’s episodes!!). And lost lots o’ weight already, so feeling great that way too. Energy level is very high and I want to exercise. Taking it easy as I notice that even just taking long walks with baby in cloth carrier, body is telling me to go slow. I don’t have a major set back in healing, but body just reminds me that I need to slow down and eventually will be back up to par. But yea…. nothin’ better than being greeted with a remark like that when you’re feelin’ top o’ your game!

Other news, I burnt the H*#LL outta my hand! : (  Oh la la. This was during my awesome domoda cooking. A huge glop spattered across my hand. Hit two of my fingers, top of hand, and even 2 spots on my arm. I was holding M and she got a glob on the back of her shirt. Ironically, the mama bear in me kicked in and I washed her down so fast that I think she had no clue till she was sopping wet! I then attended to myself and applied cold water, aloe… that whole deal. Aloe took the massive pain away so I did not think it was ‘that’ bad till Sunday and Monday. It’s gotten darker, spots have blistered pretty bad, and some pealed open and nice fleshy raw skin exposed. It’s “awesome”…. trying to do the mama-routine and absolutely everything hits it… causing more pain. And if I bandage or wrap some of the raw spots, the bandages get wet from the amount of times I wash my hands in a day! So the wet bandages is almost worse for healing.

G’pas off to Italy and G’ma off to CA to visit family, Bro and SIL just did a cruise, and a couple friends have trips planned or just returned, and I’m jealous and have the travel bug nibbling at me.. I think it’s gonna be time to plan some sort of trip real soon!

And that’s it for this night’s random thoughts. I just finished watching Parenthood, and even more hooked. Gotta return my netflix one and get the next season in line. Catch up to this one : ) But yea…. having zoned out for an hour, it’s time for me to got to bed!

Fun with new camera:

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