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You know it’s been awhile when…

You are asked for your password to log into blog and you not 100% you can remember it! ; )

February feels like a blur at this point. It’s been nearly six weeks since SBJ lost his job and I’d lie if I said I was not a bit worried. However, in that very same breath I can very easily say that it’s been the most precious time we’ve been given that’s it hard to not see that first and foremost. To have him here and spending this much time with us has been this unbelievable precious moment in time that we would have never had, and just may not for some time to come! Relationships have grown stronger and we’ve had so much time and laughter together. That’s just not something you are ever awarded when in the grind of everyday life.

We took the plunge and headed to the waterpark for UWWG. It was a fabulous week away and can’t believe that was 3 weeks ago! We swam our little hearts out most of the days, attended many of the workshops that were offered, and just loved every minute of the entire experience. We can’t wait till next year’s gathering and already talk about “the next time.”

Upon return from the trip it was hard to plunge back into the activities. At least for me it was. I think I’ve spent much of this month catching up from that excursion and trying to feel like I’m back in the swing of things. It is one thing being in the first trimester and already pooped most of each day, but to add that trip and jumping right back into things was rough. I have been incredibly fortunate that SBJ has been around and he’s been getting up with the kids most mornings (the ones I don’t have to rush out the door anyway) and letting me sleep in more than I’d ever get. I’ve also had the luxury of grabbing a nap here or there and that’s helped ten-fold.

Trivia is still going strong. We have 2 more weeks left of that gathering. This coming week some of the kids who have not yet finished up will get the chance to do so. The last week they will all bring their games back to play withthe others and test-run their newly created trivia games. Those trivia cards were nearly the death of me I tell ya. It was so incredible to get assistance from another family in the group in getting all of the trivia inputted and formatted, but then to take it over to OfficeMax was just the start of my problems. They somehow could not understand what I needed done and instead of calling me to ask, or say it was not completed… waited till the night before I needed them for me to come in and get them…. undone. They dork behind the counter just said he could not get them done and had absolutely no reason for not calling me during they day. So there I was at about 6pm with over 400 trivia cards to hand-cut. UGH. I came home ranting and raving that evening and of course, my awesome SBJ jumps up and offers to take them over the FedEx for me to have them cut. He wraps up the project, jump on a bus and brings them home just a short while later all cut. He even sat up with to sort them into the right piles and this was after he had done laundry in the AM, and sat with the kids all day, cooked them a really lovely dinner, and had them fed and ready for bed when I got home! Now that’s a hubby I tell ya.

I had accepted and resigned a position before even starting. I don’t know what I was thinking really. Taking on a 3rd job with 3 kids, pregnant and homeschooling. I must have been fr%#(@ing out of my mind. But maybe just feeling the stress of unemployment lingering. It would have been an awesome fit for me. I would have loved it. But it just could not fit into a 24 hour day… if I was going to get any sleep at all. So with in 2 weeks of accepting I needed to resigned. I felt horrible and I know the woman who hired is probably really upset as I never heard back from her when I did step down. But it does feel quite right as a decision. I just don’t know how I would have been able to add that to the plate.

K’s been in new drama class that he really seems to be loving. I’m proud that he’s tried a few new things lately. He’s kinda had a rough-go lately in wanting to give anything at all a try. And I feel in some sorts, I have pushed a little more than he appreciates. But in 2 specific instances he’s really ended up loving the event and wants to return. It’s that initial hurtle that’s always very hard for him it seems. (I so can relate to this feeling at times!) And of course, he’s totally in love with his Orion class. Princess Bride is plugging along and he’s just so in love the process and the class. Very cool.

D is in more activities than I can count and funny thing is, it’s still not enough for her. What a bloom from the past year I tell ya. There is no way I would have ever suspected this of her. I knew she’d eventually come out of her shell. Well, not that she’s totally out of her shell. She’s still pretty quiet around people. But there isn’t a class out there that she’d say ‘no’ to at this point. She’s loving it all. Now for my sake I need to get her to focus on a couple so that we can do a few here and a few there, and not ALL at one time! Time for me to ton things down a bit for mama-sanity.

S is just as funny as can be. I can’t even describe this emerging personality. It’s a real trip. He is saying 2-3 word sentences already. Totally communicates with everyone about everything. And is just sure he is just as big as the big kids. He plays right along and totally digs it. Today is a prime example. They had swords out and were sword fighting. K shouts, “I’m going to get you”…. and proceeds to (pretend) stroke him with the sword. S closes his eyes and falls down on the floor and everyone leans over shouting, “Oh no S… are you dead? Are you ok?” And he’s laying there for as long as possible  with his eyes totally squinting closed, faking dead. It’s hilarious. Then he was kinda taking a break to nurse and K wanted him to jump back into the game. So he says, “come on S we want you to be the monster.” And of course, S jumps up and says “OK”, and proceeds to put his arms up in the air and start growling like a monster and chasing them into the other room. Just awesome. He’s a real trip that little man. OH… and of course I can’t forget to mention his LOVE for guitar. He puts the kids guitar strap ON and holds the guitar and plays and sings for us *several* times a day. This one is bound to be a musician in some way-shape or form. He just loves it. He’s back in Kindermusik with his lovely Ms. Leah. She really digs her and her classes. And he’s also doing art class with D at the end of the week. He really digs this class too b/c he can sit and squirt bottles and bottles of glue… and paint as many pix as he wants. It’s fun to watch this little person emerge.

Hmmm… so other than that we’ve been battling a little illness. D came home from the waterpark and puked for a day. She was kinda flu-y for less than 36 hours… then back to her chipper self. But then, this past week she collected a cold from a friend and the boys were gifted with it as well just 2 days later. So this weekend went from super-duper busy to just sitting and chillin’ the whole weekend away. For me, it was well-needed. We’ve been on the go for some time now, even last weekend, I had tons of work stuff going on. So this weekend was nice that we went from super packed to just recuperating.

I was ever-so-proud of myself today. I had actually got my desk organized and threw a ton out as well as got my annual shredding project ready and in order. I feel my cleared, settled and organized to get these taxes done this week. I know that it’s going to be tough b/c I don’t have last year’s electronic file. So I have to go through and back track manually this year. Hopefully its not nearly as daunting as I’m setting it up to be in my head. But now that my desk and space has had its spring cleaning, its time for me to quit procrastinating on this and get them done already!

More stuff in the works, but I’ll update when things transpire. We are about 11 weeks along now in this pregnancy and I’m no swaying on my gut feeling of whether it’s a boy or a girl ; ) I still won’t find out though. I can’t bare to know that much in advance. Aside from tired, I feel great. It’s been a pretty easy preg, as the rest, and I am so thankful for that! I will be eager to meet this one and see if he/she is a completely different (4th) personality! Motherhood is precious. I feel blessed and excited to be on this incredible journey.

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