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Yes, my middle name is Insanity – Nakita Baby
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Yes, my middle name is Insanity

Ha… sometimes I wonder, you know!?

I wonder how many moms out there plan these excrutiating days where it’s one thing after another and the day goes off without a hitch and at the end of the day you want to put yourself on a pedestal b/c you did it! You are super mom! Today was one of those for me. We had our baby check up at 11:00am in Ravenswood. (Can you believe we only have 6 weeks to go!!! Yippee!!!) The visit was super-duper. All is well with me and baby, AND chatted with Hillary about teaching natural childbirth classes. Super cool input, and even a referral of someone she speaks highly off that I can call and bounce ideas off of! Very exciting! Becoming more of a reality that Bradley does not necessarily have to be the way to go b/c many midwives don’t necessarily refer to just Bradley instructors! So that’s great news to ponder and options to look into so that I don’t necessarily have to wait till the spring!

After the awesome baby check we drove from Ravenswood out to Des Plaines for a class at the Historical Center. Had to stop along the way to nourish on Subway….. yum. Man was it SOOOO hot today though. I think our car was doing triple time to keep cool today! It was kinda painful. But anyway, super fun lunch too. Great conversation, and everyone just very chipper. Nothing to pinpoint, just the plain-ol’ good feelin’ walking away from that one!

Onto the history center where it was the last class of the summer. Painting dinosaur eggs and creating your own dinosaur out of clay. That was fun. Till K dropped his egg on the way out and needed to go back to repaint another (or I may have never heard the end of that one!) He was quite devastated. The DPHC was handing out ice cream on their last day, so while K finished up his second egg, D and S got to plop down w/ some good ol’ chocolate ice cream! Yum! (K got some too, and slurped away while waiting for his egg to dry a bit.)

THEN…. yes, of course there is more…. We trekked up Rand Rd to Palatine!!! I think I’ve mentioned that I found this super-duper Groupon deal for D to get a 2 hour horse lesson. Well, part of the deal was also a free fitted riding helmet as well! Since her lesson was scheduled for 10am next Monday, we had to find time to get her helmet beforehand. And…. yep, this was the day. I figured no other better day since we were already out in Des Plaines, right? Ugh… well think again if YOU ever have this thought b/c heading up Rand Rd felt like we were leaving town on vacation! It took quite a long time, and was not the most pleasant drive as S was so tired and would just not pass out. Oye. BUT… fortunately, before the worst of the worst, we found it, and D was the happiest of happiest to receive this brand new helmet! She is just stinking excited it makes everything worth it. AND, the store we went to had a horse (pretend) to sit on, and that made him all better ; )

And, of course, the cruise home…. everyone was pooped, but we had accomplished so much! It was a great day! And…. when we got home…. SBJ offered to cook dinner! Domoda! Yum….

But that was not the end of my day! I had an orientation meeting I had to do at 6pm, and my plan was to grocery shop between that one and yet another at 7:30pm. I did not even get to the store till about 6:35pm, and would you believe I made it through the store in 30 min. with 2 weeks of groceries, checked out and made it to my appt on time!?

Yes… super mom! (Here’s where I invision S in the back seat of the car shouting “super Y to the rescue!”… you know that show?) Too funny.

Good day. My feet are totally swollen, but a day like that provides some relief that I can still get stuff done ; )

Tomorrow… full day at the pool… SO looking forward to it!

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