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Ya see?

A little vent goes a long way! We had a GREAT day today! Nothing spectacular, but yet GREAT!

I did say I was going to bed “early” last night didn’t I? Yea…. well… that didn’t happen. Not even close. I woke SBJ at 10p to get ready for work, and that’s usually when I’m getting ready for bed. Good intentions….. however lil’ Miss M woke by 11a and decided that was a great time to ‘play’. She stayed up till 1a. It was so lovely to see her and be with her. I tried very hard to be present, but will whole-heartedly admit that I was POOPED! I need to get to sleep! But nonetheless, we hung out and enjoyed each other for quite some time, but then crashed. I did get some solid sleep. She did not wake till about 5a or 6a to nurse again, the other slept till after 8a! And I too got to sleep in a bit till nearly 9a. Kinda a deadly decision as it made us late to Ms. Leah’s class today. S is so in love with Ms. Leah and her music class. But he did not seem to notice or care that we were late. He had a blast, and all was great.

I, for sure, am still getting used to the fact that there is this other lil’ person here. Yes, tomorrow is her 3 week birthday and I’ve always mentioned that it’s like she’s just always been here. But maybe that’s part of the problem! ; ) I’m so used to her being here, that I kinda space out on the fact that she needs to nurse before we leave, or may need that diap’ changed before heading out. I completely forget that the process of getting out of the house must now include an extra 20 min. to accomodate her needs! So we’ve been kinda late to things lately. AND, her newly found alert times! She’s been awake for a good chunk of the AM’s and PM’s which changes and shifts nursing needs. An interesting and constant change in needs keeps me on my toes! But so far, I’d have to pat myself on the back for what I have accomplished! We’ve done pretty well so far. So far…. : )

So…. after a lovely class w/ Ms. Leah I desperately needed to go through my favorite drive thru for my $1.00 large diet coke. A little pick me up to get me through the afternoon! : )  We headed home to get K to his coordinate playdate pick up. He was spending the afternoon with a friend and friend’s mama was picking him up in front of our place b/c they were in the area and could do so! When we got back home, I desperately needed the bathroom from my large diet coke : ) And ran up to tend to that business and grab a box that I had left home (the ATT modem that desperately needed to be returned already before our $100 bill showed up). I ran into SBJ who had just gotten back from work. It was kind of a funny interaction. I grabbed M to run up with me, but left the others in the car with the alarm set. So when I came in the door, SBJ says, “where are the others?” Me: “What others?” SBJ: “The other kids!?!?” Me: “OOOHHHH….. you mean to tell me we have more than this one?!” : )

Ha…. ran to the bathroom, grabbed the box, and SBJ decided he was going to run errands with us! Yippee! We have not seen him in what feels like 2 months. All of our interactions as of lately have been him getting ready to sleep, eat or leave for work. It’s been rough and the kids are starting to feel it big time. K especially misses his pops. Big boy craving daddy-time. (Of course, he was the one not with us this afternoon! : ( Ah…. well…. K gets picked up and we head to the UPS store, the bank, and then the thrift store. Found D her “smaller cleats”…. of course SBJ hovering over me stating his view point on the cleat situation : ) But we got the smaller ones anyway. Can’t really argue when they are less than $7 at the thrift store!

After that stop we headed to Best Buy where we ended up dropping the quickest load of cash in the shortest amount of time ever. We left with the digital camera replaced, the video (got a flip camera!), and a new dvd/vcr (of which ours has not been working for over a year now). All in need, but wow, serious purchasing time.

As much as we were just running errands together, it was so awesome to have him with us. We have not seen him or spent much time with him in so (so) long that it was such a great afternoon. Of course, I panicked later b/c he still had not slept since yesterday. I worry a lot about his sleep. Probably the biggest stresser in life at this point is his sleep time! (or lack-there-of) We headed back home to nurse and have a tiny pit stop before running out to pick up K. Of course, took longer than I anticipated (again). Just gotta figure that one out a bit better!

Any rate, b/c we had the new dvd/vcr, we declared it family movie night! We had not watched a netflix movie on the “big” screen for quite some time, so great excuse to have a movie night. I whipped us up some yummy domoda for dinner, and then we crawled on the couch and watched Percy Jackson Lightening Thief. Such a great flic! We thoroughly enjoyed family movie night, aside from that was when SBJ crashed and slept. Wish he coulda joined us, but really glad that he finally gave in to his body’s needs!

Kids just crawled into bed and THIS time I swear I’m gonna get some early sleep time. Well-needed, and perfect day and feelings to close my eyes to.

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