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Worldschooling – Nakita Baby
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Traditional schools often rear children to fit into the mold of society: Children going off to college to choose a career path for a paying “job” to pay the bills. Only years later to find themselves feeling they are in a rut and with no passion or love for what they do (of course this is a generalization as there are a few who may squeak through these cracks). Worldschooling, as following an unschooling philosophy, breaks the mold in that trusting that children are intrinsically inclined to *want* to learn. When provided the freedoms to follow their true passions we become the best of what we were born to become. Not every person was born to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher. Our true passions very early on in life are nurtured for an entire childhood. Likewise, the exposures to the world and everything around us open our eyes to an array of possibilities we would have not otherwise known existed sitting at a desk. Worldschooling brings kids out of the egocentric based learning for a grade and opening eyes to a world far beyond their desk. And what’s more…. once ‘traditionally raised’ parents (us) move past the fear we intrinsically feel about such bold moves, into the *trust* that this is the very best (and even more natural way) to accompanying our children on their journeys to adulthood, we then realize…. its truly not even about the “education” of it all, but the true in-depth relationships we now have with our amazing offspring and those they have with the world around them, building a beautiful ever-changing foundation for our future (as a world)!

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