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This is such a fascinating topic to me. I know so many families who do this and do this successfully. We were of the nomadic species for quite some time. I do somewhat term ourselves nomadic by nature. There is very little part of this world we would not explore, and for any good-to-us reason will do as well.

We did find in our nomadic-by-nature years that we were craving the homestead space. My crew is quite creative by nature… nurture as well… but nature plays its most heavy hand. And I had found that being on the open road experiencing all that the world was opening our eyes to created an explosion of ideas and desires for creative space, play, production. Upon landing in NM it seemed quite fitting at that moment to plant ourselves and begin establishing a new community to which we could call home.

We are very soon coming up on our two year anniversary here. In just about a month will mark our two year exploration of this enchanting place we have the pleasure and privilege to call home. We have had the amazing pleasure to make some really close friends, and have had the opportunity to travel and see many beautiful landscapes. We are coming up on another move this summer, relocating within NM we know that much, but I can’t help but ponder the open road once again. It has such a wonder appeal and I thoroughly enjoy that lifestyle with the kiddos. Meeting and creating friendships in various destinations. Seeing such inspiring spaces and truly historically amazing landmarks. Its appeal does take strong hold when the decision to move is again upon us.

The kicker is the community the kids have grown to love here. The teens have not had as much luck finding as much of a community as the little ones just yet, nonetheless we all really love NM. D has found a niche in artist markets and roller derby and thoroughly enjoying her time with Enchanted Equine Adventures as well. She works and rides, and finds solace and enjoyment in all her committed time. K and D will both have a summer job which I hope will be super fun for the two of them, having their own schedules and more steady income. We also have acquired another furry friend within this past year, making three in total of the four-legged variety. That always makes travel a little trickier.

One thing is for certain, NM feels like home. And it is always nice to have a home base for the creative bursts that do and need to happen. Accommodating six humans plus the three 4-legged variety is a tricky thing to do on the road… and I’m not sure I’m game to take that on in this current moment. However, remembering to nurture the travel bugs is something to always aspire for as well. I know that exploration is always festering in the back of my mind and nurturing that urge is paramount to being happy in the homestead… in my humble opinion.

The thought of needing to move again…. UGH. Wish our homestead was already of the permanent variety! This is something we need to make happen if at all possible! It’s in the works and sending the universe your wishful vibes for us would be ever-so-appreciated!

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