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Woop woop! – Nakita Baby
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Woop woop!

I’m back!

Not sure what the cliche was… but I had not been able to post for several days due to being unable to log in or get to my site. Probably somethin’ my brother finagled to get me back up and running. Somehow…. I’m back!

So…. we are just days from baby-launch a.k.a. due date! Literally just 3 days and wondering when this little bugger will come along?! I think I’ve done just about everything possible to prep ourselves, and yet no signs. The house is cleaner than it’s been in the 6 years we’ve lived here : ) The baby supplies in full stock. The kids supplies in stock for at least the next 2 weeks to cover me not having to do any shopping (hate doing that anyway, can’t imagine adding another person to errands and shopping ventures!). I was desperate to make it to this weekend b/c I had an au pair meeting this Saturday and few other meetings lined up that I really wanted to get done before baby time. That was accomplished. And then today we did a huge grocery shopping and stocked the house full. Won’t need to do any shopping for at least a good 12-14 days at least. A friend set up a wonderful meal train for us as well, so we have people cooking for us a full week at least afterwards! What a treat!!!

I just don’t know what more needs to be done!??! ; )

Last night at my au pair meeting I got a call from Hillary. I almost lost it b/c I thought she’d be calling to tell me she needed the birthing tub b/c someone else was in labor. That has happened once already, and moved an appt last week to an early time b/c another was in labor. So everyone seemed to be moving right along except me! But she was merely calling to let me know she was going to a concert and to call her back up if anything starting happenin’…. Wishful thinking on her part! ; )

So… here we sit and wait. We have back up plans for the classes on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday is due date/baby check up if we haven’t had baby yet…. everything and everyone in ‘order’ and yet…. no signs.

I do think this one will be a biggy. He/she has the tendency to do the alien belly jabs through my belly…. quite content and enjoying the warmth in there. Even as I type this, she/he is pushing the laptop up and down/all around : )  I sure am eager to meet this little one though, and in the very same breathe I just can’t believe we will have another little on here in just moments. The tiny, tiny…. surreal. We’ve been watching baby movies of everyone else lately and envisioning this little one coming along is just really exciting and surreal all in the same breath.

Hopefully the next time I post with be with baby pics and birth adventures to share!

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