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Winter Fun…. – Nakita Baby
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Winter Fun….

This week we had a small winter time adventure visiting friends. Since the snow had come down in mass quantity, I decided was too lazy to dig out the car, so we would walk to the train and take it to downtown Evanston to visit….
Along the way they were able to play in the snow and it was quite an adventure! K’s plan was that we were all Otzi (s) the Iceman and we were hunting and trying not to freeze. I told him that I was not to pervy to mumification by freezing but I would be the scientist that found him. He said that was not fair ; ) and that we all had to be Otzi!
So off we went. What is a .8 mile hike to the train took us well over an hour to accomplish, but fortunately out of sheere fun not misery! ; )
Along the way we had polar bears chasing us, searched for food to eat… and just tried to stay alive. K dug many burrows along the way, though none quite big enough for us to crawl into. ; ) D found us food; blueberries, pizza and “salok” (your guess is as good as mine!). After many different aversions along the way, finding good nourishment, some friendly polar bears assisted us in finding the train. We were saved! Great job staying alive guys!
Once in downtown area, we grabbed a snack and went to visit friends for the afternoon. It was a lovely day. Since the bitter cold was setting in, we taxi’d it home. These pics are from when we finally reached back home again.

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