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Winter Fun

Found all of these pictures laying around and figured I’d share them somewhere! I used to be so awesome at printing pictures and putting together albums. *Actual* picture books! K has several large books birth through about 3-4 years, D has a few till about 2-ish years old. But beyond that…. everyone is digital. I have fear that I will somehow loose all of these because they are not printed yet. I try to often remember to back-up, and then back-up the back-up. How many external drives has SBJ broken? Too many to count. I have mine secretly stashed away, but even that does not feel very safe to me. What if some day I plug it in and it chooses not to work for me? I really need to do something more. I joke with the kids that when they are all grown and leave the house…. leave me all alone to wallow in my aloneness, I will finally print all of these fabulous photos and make amazing albums. Reliving their childhoods and sobbing in my aloneness. Then they promise they won’t leave me…. better be careful with what you say I learn 🙂  Joking!

So as of late…. this starts with SBJ’s birthday. A wonderful, quiet night at home, with us reminding him it was his actual birthday! And then some bowling fun, and Winter Wonderfest at Navy Pier (where, this year,  M graduated to being able to do several things “by herself” aka, with S along with her), and then our annual homeschool kids craft fair, and today’s Winter Festival at EHS.


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