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Winding down – Nakita Baby
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Winding down

Slacking off on the updates lately with this week of winding down, and ironically winding up! Last week we had a very cool adventure down to Navy Pier to ride the Tall Ship Windy! As cool as that was, it (the wind) was so bitter cold that it was a little rough to enjoy at a few points. But the staff was well prepared with blankets that helped tremendously. I did mention as some point last week that we visited the kids museum down there as well. Yep, since we had already made the venture we spent the whole day hanging out. Visited the water gardens which they all really got a kick out of, and then the museum which I have to say has really not changed much in several years, and would have been a bit disappointing had we not already had our reciprocal membership in hand! But yes… some fun pix below!

I mentioned my purging mania and successfully prepared us for a garage sale on Saturday. Extremely successful day getting rid of our stuffs, and the things that didn’t go made it on to freecycle since then. Only one box left to leave the house and man does it feel great to have moved that all out! Likewise, I was so fortunate to find a really nice family on freecycle who wanted to fulfill my need for a tall dresser! We acquired that over the weekend and I was able to move S into the bottom 3 drawers and now ready to dig out baby clothes for the top 2! (A project that will happen in next couple of months! I’m on project burnout at this point.)

Somehow I was able to take on a sling order late last week AND complete before Sunday! That certainly was a whirlwind project that feels much of a blur at this point. I loved the sling, however. And hope the client did as well. It was fun to have one of those project again! It has been just way too long since the last!

Then, we found a twin mattress for the big S-man on freecycle as well! It was an awesome organizational weekend as we had needed all of these little things to feel ready for baby. Now bed space available and dresser space available…. what more do ya need?!  : ) Awesome.

Sunday marked a visit to our garden to saturate it in water, and then a trip to the Culture Fest in Skokie. It was nice, but not nearly has large or as attended as in the previous years we have been. But of course, we did go late on Sunday and that’s sort of the end of it all, so maybe that’s why. I think we had usually been on the first day and it’s always been really fun. This year we hung out for an hour or so and then everyone was really kinda done. Since we made a nice chunk of change from our garage sale, I declared an eating-out night. We enjoyed Basha…. a new family favorite. That dude is so super nice and the food so super yum. SBJ and I tried the vegetarian plates and even though we were stuffed, we could not stop. Super yum.

Everyone has had the end of a few classes this week. Monday marked the last clay class (though D wants to take the June 2-week class), and the last Mon. gymnastics. Today, the end of music for S, science for K, and girl scouts for D. D even had her girl scout ceremony tonight and it was quite cute. She really seems hooked on this group of families and I have to say, I am quite pleased as well. A very warm and fuzzy bunch. It’s a nice group to be involved in, and glad that she’s eager to do it again next year. She earned quite a few patches this year, and even a stuffed panda bear prize for her super cookie sales. She was quite proud of the bear this evening! ; ) Super cool.

In bigger news, K has started sitting in the front seat of the car! Yipes. Something a mama just has to gulp, grin and bare I suppose. These phases in life that remind me that my babies are not such babies any more…. Yes, sir-ree-bob. Sunday he wanted to go with me to get the dresser on freecycle and I told him he couldn’t b/c I had to put the back seats down to get the dresser in the car. Well…. he decided then that was the perfect time to bite the bullet and sit in the front seat. He basically had the go-ahead about a month or so back, but just hadn’t done it yet. He was still kinda worried about that jump himself. So Sunday he does it, but he’s totally freaking out the whole time. He was sure we’d be pulled over the police or something. He was sure he would be reported for sitting in the front. What he just could not grasp was that he is of height requirement or we would not have even ok’d it in the first place. And then he explained that he just had not seen any of this friends sitting in the front yet. We had a lengthy chat about that one and he ultimately enjoyed the ride. Even helped me load the dresser!

Then the following day he wanted to give it a go again. We were headed out to get the mattress before clay class and he was a little more at ease about it. Then he seemed even more at ease. He seems to enjoy as we can chat face-to-face and he gets a little more attention being up there. I have to say it’s been quite helpful as well b/c he hands water bottles and snacks around the car and I can actually be a safer driver! Very cool indeed. So today was hilarious and he was wanting to do it again…. this time a few of his friends saw him on the end of our car rides. A few of them mentioning that it was “so cool” that he got to sit in the front. He suddenly is feeling pretty lucky, “cool” to be in the front and enjoying even more now! He even tried to boot his daddy to the back of the car when we went to the girl scout ceremony this evening. Too funny.

Tomorrow, thrilled that it will be a day at home. Several of us needing haircuts (or at least trims) and eager to just ‘be’… Being is well-needed before getting through the rest of this week, and the rest of the ‘ends’ of things/classes. D’s got a big #6 b-day coming up and she’s over-the-top excited. I need to run through the weekly schedule a good 2-3 times a day for her. ; )

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