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Whole Bunch of Random – Nakita Baby
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Whole Bunch of Random

So, I’m finding it harder and harder to post these days. I have well-intentions, but never seem to just sit down and do it. It’s been busy. Ironically, this “lazy” summer we (“I” rather) intended on having just does not seem to be hitting us just-so. But certainly can’t complain. It’s been lots and lots of fun, and more to come. It’s just the inevitable doom of fall classes starting up SO soon, that then lead to the inevitable change in weather which is really what gets me even more. Because…. let’s face it. We are just always going to be busy. That’s the way we roll. But the weather. The weather can really get me down sometimes. Especially…. especially the winters.

Ah, so what have we been up to? Well, park days we do get to. K’s been hosting a pirate club at our place every other week with a group of tween-ish boys he enjoys. The beach of course, though we’ve missed the last 2 NUG weeks, we have gone out closer to home, and maybe we’ll do so again tomorrow. The kids have each had parties here and there which seem to fill up the schedule a bit. We had a very quick lunch with my brother as he passed through town. Was great to see him, but the kids were so super bummed at how short it was and that they did not get to play with him. Had an au pair meeting recently and took them to the Full Moon Jam down at the lake. What a trip that was. Thought they were less than thrilled about it till I read one au pair’s facebook post this evening. Quite a hilarious summary of what his experience was! Kids each battling stuff noses. Thankfully, just seem to be the “cleaning house” type of colds where they only have lots of blowing-of-the-noses and not much else. Probably the changes in weather, the long summer days and less sleep-filled nights. They all seem to be growing a ton right now too, so maybe not getting as much sleep as they need. Whatever the reason, I am glad they all have it at 1 time and not 4 different times, and SO MUCH MORE glad that it’s a simple runny nose and everyone’s in fine spirits.

Trying to catch up with friends before the classes commence. Lots of playdates scheduled to keep in touch with those we don’t see often. Mom gave me a couple days last week to read and study, and SBJ another few hours this past weekend. I’m actually on book 5 and getting that momentum back up and flowing again. Feels good!

The exercising is still going great! I think I’m finally hooked to the point that I feel I can’t skip more than 1 day before I yearn to do something. The energy is revived from the exercise and that’s a super great feeling. D and I have been going for a 20 min jog. Well, I’ve mentioned that she scoots along with me and we do yoga and sit ups in the park before speed-walking home. K went with us this  evening and he actually was able to accomplish half the run and the exercises! That was pretty awesome to see because I was sure he’d fallen into the pit of dispair sitting in front of that computer!

In between those jogging times, I’ve also been doing some Tae Bo at home. Though, the Tae Bo is so much harder to do at home. Too many interruptions : ) I much prefer getting out and doing it, feeling like I accomplished something great, and then moving on with the day in a better mood because of it. Also, the Tae Bo injured my knee this week. Yuck. It’s not overly serious to the point I can’t run, but the muscle strain is a bit more obvious tonight. A tiny bit swollen. So may take tomorrow off, and try again on Wednesday.

Any rate, been feeling super great about getting the exercising done, and the reading done, and just that little bit of time for me during the week, I feel, has made me a far happier mama. I’d clearly not been a great place, and maybe that was a strong reflection on how the older 2 were treating themselves. Even they seem a bit more pleasant with each other and that’s just great all around. Of course D still pines for K’s attention more than he’s willing to give right now. But she tends to be a bit needy of *any*one’s attention, period. So that’s something we are working on too.

Tonight I had this amazing “I’m blessed” feeling as we were all eating dinner. Chaotic of course, getting a meal on the table and plates. But I swear, the best moment was when all 6 of us are talking at exactly the same time about 6 different things till we all look at each other in complete silence wonder what each of us has just said. Love it. Even little M has gotten in on that action. Awesomeness at it’s finest.

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