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We’ve been having fun! – Nakita Baby
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We’ve been having fun!

So this last week of FHC was dinosaur week! Man did we have a blast creating our own fossils! But even more fun was just before that, we went to our very first InHome Conference! The first day of our adventure, the kids attending a couple of unschooling workshops that I desperately did not want to miss, and then we did a couple of fun kids workshops. Saw Cowboy Randy who was just fantastic throwing in a little history here and physics there, between his singing and ropping act, the kids literally could not sit still!

The second day I ventured to a few workshops on my own. It was quite nice to get to do some adult stuff and obtain such an amazing wealth of knowledge and experience! It was quite amazing to see the wide ranges of children and arrays of homeschooling families. They had a book fair and a science fair too boote!

I’ve been busy working on my new website! It’s very very exciting to me to venture into these new waters. So far very smooth sailing, but I am not nearly half way complete. I am eager to see this completely unfold and start getting the exposure to add and continue growth!

I’m on a hectic spring cleaning binge. It’s not as if the weather is showing any signs of spring, but since we’ve decided to stick around this place a little while longer, I’ve decided to reorganize, freshly clean, and do some majorly needed dumping of things piling up here! Of course I have too many projects going on at the same time, so it’s hard to put any completion on just one!

Next weekend is my work’s annual regional meeting in St. Louis. I am sort of excited but also quite nervous. This will be my very first overnight away from the kids! Yes, I have NEVER once been away from them for a single night. On the one hand I am a bit excited to be doing really adult meeting, dinner and socializing, this has not happened in a number of years. But on the other hand I am freaking out about sleeping away from them for the first time ever! Of course they will be fine and they will have a BLAST with daddy!

This week has finally ended. For some reason it felt really really long. But this weekend should be quite enjoyable. Not a whole lot planned yet, but that’s when the real fun comes into play!

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