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I have reached that point/epitome/revelation……
I want to hit the road full time with the family. It’s been very very challenging for me being back here in the ‘routine’ of what was pre-epic-journey life. Of course, it’s only been one week since we’ve been back, AND it’s summer, AND it’s a crummy summer (weather-wise), AND….. well…. I just really did not want to come back in the first place. Darn jobs, home, life. It’s certainly feeling like a time for big change and big adventures. I have started the next phase…. operation “how-to-hit-the-road-full-time” research. It is just SOOOOOO fascinating the resources and information out there on how to live the gypsy lifestyle. Of course, some call it “full time rving”…. other’s may refer to it as “full timers” or “free range families.” Whatever the case, I really really dug it. I fully encapsulated the idea that absolutely everything we ever needed was right there in our car….. AND….. there was always an adventure to be had. I am working on the hub’s on this dream-become-reality I have. And I have great hopes that by this time next year, I will be writing to you from the road. I will share with you this process as it unfolds…… 

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