We are each on these incredible journeys called life. My goal always remains…. be open to all that comes my way. I am a stay-at-home mom of five amazing unschooled children and I’d characterize myself as a jack-of-all-trades as I tend to dive into whatever I find interesting; whatever I am passionate about; whatever my kids love and find pleasure in doing; and… probably most importantly… whatever we feel will contribute to the growth of our family unit.  As a Henna Artist, Chainmaille jeweler, founder and operator of the Homeschool Youth Soccer League (HYSL), as well as co-founder, organizer of Kaabilo, I feel my core strive is bringing community together. As you poke around my pages you will find what’s going on around here, my thoughts and opinions, our growth, things we’re crafting and selling, and likely so much more! Welcome! Take a look around, and thanks for visiting!

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