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Weekends of no rest…. – Nakita Baby
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Weekends of no rest….

Are not my cup of tea. I love weekends of chill…. This weekend is just not one of them. Longing for a day to just be at home… and not quite seeing it in the very near future. This one was packed full of errands for starters. The only one who willingly went with me was big S. He is just such a ham…. He loved it all and have to say after 5 hours of errands he still did not have a meltdown till we pulled into the alley at the end of the day. We first went to Target to pick up a few remaining baby birthing items;the P.O. to pick up some stamps and pop things in the mail; Whole Foods for a few after birthing items; Pet Store for crab-stuffs (dare I admit the last time we’ve cleaned their cage); gas station for gas, vacuuming and car wash (figure if we have a sale sign in the car it should look somwhat presentable and not have the last 30 snacks and meals left on the floor for presentation!); and finally…. grocery store. I, frankly, don’t know how he did it b/c that was a LONG day. But he was a trooper and fun to have along the entire day.

I tell ya after unloading and organizing all of the stuffs… my body aches! Yowzer. A few too many IBProf and I still ache. Tomorrow I have a work meeting mid-day and then need to shuffle D off to a b-day party. Will be nice for her to catch up with this friend as she has not seen her since girl scouts let out in the spring. So she will be thrilled to see her and other friends.

Getting anxious at this week is our visit with our midwife at home! Excited is maybe more like it. After this visit we are down to the last 4 weeks and weekly visits with Hillary. It will be so exciting to finally meet this little one!

In the meantime, I am squaring away details on my future endeavors. I have been looking into birth education options. Birthing From Within was suggested to me, as well as BirthWorks Inc… and after deliberation and trying to map things out, I feel very compelled to go with BirthWorks Inc. Their philosophy resonnates with me and it feels like finding home if that makes any sense. However, the hitch there is that I’m getting the impression that the certification/training process is a full 2 years! Yipes. So, I’ve been contemplating the thought of still attempting to get into the Bradley training in Sept/Chicago (if baby allows) and getting moving with Bradley while then working on my BirthWorks educator AND doula certification over the next 2 years. Seems like a good mapped out plan, but need to still connect with folks at BirthWorks to understand more about what’s on their website. Likewise, Hillary happened to mention a fond referral to me who I’d love to connect with and it just so happened I saw her on the educator list with BirthWorks. Would love to touch base more with her and hear her thoughts.

Hmm…. other…. SBJ has done one full week of night shift and I’m really really really (really really) hoping this does not last long. He’s just not getting enough sleep. I’m worried about him. And we don’t get to see him or spend much time with him. With sleep and school in the mix of the day time hours, we really are limited. His first week he had tons of trouble even getting sleep during the day, which had me concerned. He’s been in bed before 10p the last 2 nights, which is good for him…. but only to start night shift again tomorrow night. I do think he’s going to move upwards pretty fast, I just hope that it’s much quicker than originally anticipated and that some normalcy can return once again.

Can’t believe that pools are closing, schools are starting, and we… we will be in full swing of fall classes in just a few weeks here. It’s kinda crazy. Must enjoy the last of it. Fortunately though…. places we go will be less crowded and we…. we can still enjoy the beach for as long as the weather holds out!

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