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Weekend Musings

It started out as one of those weekends that I just love. Not much planned and lots of laying low. Just enjoyin’ being at home. Ended up pretty much the same way, but the middle got kinda interesting.

So Fri of course we did our usual beach routine. It was not one of my most favorite days at the beach b/c it was so stinkin’ windy. I am not purvey to those days where the wind just blows sand in absolutely every grievous of your body. Feels more nasty than usual when leaving the beach on those days. But the kids, of course, had a blast and had no clue of my misery¬†; ) They always love Friday beach days. I loved my shower after, I tell ya! Nothing better than a shower after one of those days. I was so looking forward to Sat. b/c we had nothing planned. I got to sleep in a bit, and enjoyed most of the day in my PJ’s. Showered late in the day only to throw my PJ’s back on. Made some homemade pizzas for dinner and that was a hit with all. Played lots of Wii with D and just a cool day altogether.

So, as if SBJ’s visit to the ER was not enough this month. We needed to revisit this Saturday. Not for him though! For S. During the afternoon, K wanted to do a “science project” which to them is typically mixing a bunch of stuff together and seeing what happens. So he was granted a few sample-size bottles of Aquaphor soap and lotion to play around with. They tore up shreds of paper and other stuff to stick in there. They froze it to see what would happen. And all that jazz. Pretty harmless. Well…. a few hours later D wanted to do the same thing herself. (Her being in charge this time of course.) So she too was granted the same sample bottles and had fun with them. At some point during her little experiment, S got ‘something in his eye’. That’s what he reported to SBJ. I heard what was going on, but SBJ was there so knew he was attending to him.

Later during our pizza dinner, I notice his left lower eyelid is kinda swollen and his eye quite red. SBJ explains that he thinks he got soap in it and it was still bothering him. After dinner, I try to wash it down by pouring water over his eye with a wash cloth which seemed to soothe him enough to go to sleep. I figure if he sleeps it off he’ll be feeling better. But about 10-10:30pm he awakes really uncomfortable. And the more I’m attempting to help, the worse it gets. I try to get him back to sleep, first. But I notice that he’s not opening his eyes at all. I ask him to open his eyes and he won’t, he’s refusing. I try to just put a cool wash cloth over his eyes to over a soothing relief, and he freaks even more. I’m starting to panic. If he’s not even opening his eyes and there’s nothing more than I can do…. I am now awarding myself mother-of-the-year award for blinding my child at the age of 2 years by allowing him to play with soap and lotion.

It did not take me long to hop in the car to the ER. I was just not waiting. SBJ is telling me he’s just uncomfortable, but I knew that if he was not opening his eyes, there was something more. And…. I was not going to await him being blind in his left eye b/c of it. I’m flying through Evanston to get to EV hospital just b/c our experience at St. Francis with SBJ sucked so bad. Just to put stuffed in a waiting room full of people for 2.5 hours. Ugh.

The upside to all of that was that he did finally get back to sleep and was resting well before we were seen. I, on the other hand, had to pee like a race horse, and baby inutero was not helping matters. It was a LONG wait…..

When finally seen, they wanted me to wake him to put a dye in his eye and check for any abrasions. I was sure not positive how this was going to blow over with him, now that he was resting so well! But he was trooper. He even opened his eyes, and the left has all of this horrible goopy stuff all over it/inside. Yipes. But I was thrilled to see it open!! They do the test and sure enough there is a slight abrasion in there. They thoroughly flush it out really well, and that in and of itself was a huge change in how he was feeling. That was a lesson learned for mama for sure! “How to flush an eye WELL…. lesson 101.” The offer and antibiotic ointment to aid healing, but when we get home and finally get some sleep he was looking and feeling 100% better today. You’d never guess what we just went through. (And yes…. I did ask the Dr. if I had perhaps blinded my child…. She assured me this was very minor and nothing to worry about…. phew!!!!!)

Ugh… so I return home to both of the other 2 awake and waiting for me. Still unclear to me today why they were up at 2AM!! But everyone climbed into bed immediately and was at rest alas.

I got to sleep in a ton this AM and woke to find SBJ doing laundry, cleaning floors, vacuuming, AND shampooing the carpet!!! Man, am I lucky or what?? After a bit of being lazy, I headed out the door with D and S to start gathering up our home birthing supplies! We hit the list hard and came home with most of it! Only a few more items and this baby is welcome any time he/she is wanting! ; )

On to Monday…. this is a busy week, and I’m bracing myself. Lot’s of fun stuff planned, including catching up with old friends from the API group, an Orion 1-day class, a tie-dye party and baby check up, park day, and a beach day AND visit with Aunt Jess!!! Wowzer!

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