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Weekend Awesome – Nakita Baby
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Weekend Awesome

So way back in November I was snooping around Groupon and found these awesome-deal-tix for the Walker Stalker Con in Chicago. It was a such a great deal, just could not pass it up. I purchased for me and the kids (meaning K and D as they are the two that watch Walking Dead with me), and 2 extras for their friends. The quickly knew who they wanted to invite, yet it seemed like forever-away!

Low and behold, the weekend arrives. Friday night they host their usual pizza party with friends at our home. They have been doing this since last fall. Every other Friday night a pretty decently large group of kiddos join them here for either a game night or movie night. There is pizza, snacks and drinks and it proves to be an awesome time had by all…. usually wrapped up with a game of ghost in the graveyard in the spooky dark night!

Saturday morning rolls around and we are off and running. Take D out to Glenview to enter her into the Glenview Youth Art Fair…. (I’ll share that amazing work in a future note), then off to Jeff Pk to pick up one friend, and Lincoln Pk to pick up another, and….. down to Navy Pier for some serious walker stalkin’.

It was crazy busy down there! The lots were totally full, they were turning folks away to look locally for parking. We were fortunate to not park too much further away…. but man we paid the extra for it that’s for sure. A pretty chilly sprint down to the pier and several hours of star gazing, picture snapping, and merchandize peeking. The kids and I had a blast. I am so very happy I was able to share in that experience with them. The Walking Dead is something we three have watched from episode one through now, so it was super fun to be able to share in this with them.

walker stalker con

And as if that did not make the weekend awesome enough…. D had another cake decorating class. Yet another Groupon¬†score for the homestead. She really digs the design technique and is quite the baker herself, so this is always right up her alley. I tell ya, that cake just did not make it much past the doorway before it was devoured by all. Yum, yum!!!

cake deco

She then had her awesome trampoline and tumbling class, which she attends, and sticks around for the two hour open gym after. She got to work and play hard this weekend!!! I got a chance to catch up with a very dear friend who I hope is going to love to work with me in the very near future! We share many common interests, goals, and ideas, and compliment each other’s energies very well I think. My hopes are for great things for us both!

And this whole weekend was not complete without my trusty sidekick who is always on my back in a carrier, in the carseat trapsing around town, attached to the breast, or killing time in the front seat while someone is taking class. She’s the sweetest little butterball, a complete ham, and joy to be with ’round the clock. Our hilarious baby C.cool baby c









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