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It’s been such a long since I’ve posted but just so much has been going on, I have lots of great pictures and events to post. I feel, as of late, that I have dropped into the deep dark void. The spring/summer cleaning void that is. SBJ and I had recently discussed our moving options and I was feeling like it’s just fine for us to stay put for the year to come if we a) truly had a plan to move for the coming year, and b) made things more livable (host-able really) for our kiddos. They are getting to the age of wanting sleep overs, and more space to host friends more often, and it was just time to purge. So over the last week I have been doing more purging than I can even recount. The new rec-room for the kids is super cool. Lots of space for them to host people (D even tried it all out by hosting a sleep over for her birthday…. huge hit). Now K is next in line to host his this week. In the meantime, I’m desperately trying to get through the rest of the house. We’ve reorganized and I’ve found some super great couches (free!!!) on Craigslist to refurnish our living room. All is looking fabulous and I’m thrilled about the feeling of ‘new’ in our place. I hope to be out of this deep dark void in the next day or two in which point I will post all about D’s bday and other events that have had us busy. We’ve truly been loving summer already!

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