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Virtual Clay Club – Nakita Baby
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Virtual Clay Club

virtual clay clubMany of you know by now my girl D is a polymer clay miniature artist. She’s been at it for a few years now. Perfecting her work on a nearly daily basis. She loves to hone in on new skills and challenges herself on every level. As she has sold her craft on a various number of venues, teaches classes, and host clubs at our home it has come to the point in time where locally, she does not have as many artist friends who are still into this medium as much as she. After a recent attempt to set up a new club time in our home for the summer, and not finding enough folks interested, we ended up creating a virtual club!

So cool… truly. We chatted the idea out to work out the details and then I posted to several unschooling and radical unschooling Facebook pages inquiring if the world around us might be interested in joining D online once a week to chat clay. It was a phenomenal response! It grew so quickly we were able to run the first virtual group within days of posting the idea online. This evening was their first video chat. It was hilarious how nervous D grew as the call time approached. But once the call got going, they truly had a really great time!

Pretty cool to have kids from IL, OH, MI, WI, VA, TN and VA sharing their art, sharing themselves, building together, connecting through instagram, trading their art and genuinely fostering brand new friendships! The trades they all made this evening (and in any of the future weeks to come) will then be sent to each other in the mail, as well as write to each other (sharing their love of Kawaii stationary, note pads, stickers, etc.)! A penpal component tied into this whole thing, and D is just to the moon about it. This evening was wonderful for her and she can hardly wait till next week!


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