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Vegetarianism J’Style

So it’s something like day 14-15 on the vegetarian kick and it’s just a thrill really. I think during my food prep time in the last couple weeks I’ve come to the conclusion that vegan is just not in the extremely near future, but maybe (a very very strong maybe) for the future. Main conclusion I’ve come to for myself is that the little time I do have to cook and bake, I will try to learn the vegan ways of supplementing dairy, but this is clearly going to be a large learning curve over a long period of time. 1) Because I really just don’t use dairy all that often to practice substituting it, and 2) I’m feeling like my biggest push is to just prep super healthy homemade meals and that itself can take time, so if it just so happens to contain dairy, I’d use it for right now. But…. I have opted that dairy is the one of the “musts” on the organic list, and so all dairy in the house has to be organic. That’s my temporary resolution for personal sanity sake, and in the meantime I will learn.

I bought this fabulous cook book, 1,000 Vegan Recipes, and it’s been awesome. (So I really have been preparing the family dinners vegan based on this great book…. dairy’s not coming into play all that often.) I have made a couple of our “regular” meals just without the meat. Things we’re used to eating (like spaghetti or stir fry, etc.) vegetarian-style. And those have been just fine. But then there comes a time to spice up the pallet a bit and I’ve turned to the cookbook lately. Well…. to start (since it’s been 2 weeks now), I had a few recipes I found online that were really yummy. One a Southwest Style Soup…. YUM! EVERYONE loved that one. A huge hit. Then a few others that I kinda was wingin’ at the time but came out well. And then my book showed up in the mail and I’ve tried 2 new recipes from there so far. Both were a huge hit. Tonight’s meal even… GONE! Some went back for second’s and there were NO leftovers. (Funny too, b/c I thought I’d be able to pack it for lunches tomorrow : ) But thrilled that everyone loved it so much!

Health still seems to show signs of improvement here, and I feel like it’s only the beginning. K’s been really not as affected by the seasonal allergy stuff and sleeping well. In fact, last night was a rough night, and it just so happened that he had ice cream in the evening. I think that flared him up and made him feel horrible b/c other than that, he’s been doing great! D’s had far less fits of rage lately…. and by that I mean, her moods don’t seem to swing super high and super low all in 5 seconds flat. Doesn’t mean she’s never upset, it’s just not seemed so drastic and without rationale. S is sleeping through the night…. pretty much straight through! If he doesn’t make it all the way, he’s only waking once to nurse, but even that’s been rare in the last several nights. SBJ says he’s feeling awesome and is glad we made the switch. I have found that cravings for certain things have shifted quite a bit… in fact for everyone they’ve shifted a ton. Chocolate used to be a staple daily request… and sometimes several times a day. I don’t ever have that request any more, and the last several nights they have not even asked for that sweet-something after dinner. That’s been an incredible change.

Likewise…. today there was an interesting event. I was driving through a local pit for my daily diet coke (still my daily vice) and for some reason I really just felt like french fries. I guess a sudden baby craving. Anyway…. bought the diet coke and the fries, drove off and offered them to the kids, and yes, they took a few, but then handed them back and said they wanted the hummus instead! I too, did not love ’em so much and ended up pitching them after a few. That was a very cool occurrence where I can see this is a really great venture to be on with them. I am thrilled that their little bodies are feeling so healthy and nourished and thrilled that this healthy foundation is starting early. Not something I ever had growing up and taken years to relearn myself. I am excited to see that it’s been so easy and natural for them and they’ve not once said, “Why don’t we just have —– for dinner.” They have been excited to try all of the new meals and the balance in nutrients has shifted their cravings and needs apparently. (Huh…. I didn’t think I was that unhealthy of a cooker/chef before! Now I’m second guessing….. OR, maybe it’s just the release of the unknowing crap that was in the food I was preparing… ie. the hormones in chicken??) Ah. Maybe b/c when meat was involved there were less veggies involved? There’d be one side item veggie to a meal where as now there is a healthy balance of several!

OH… and I just can’t pass up mentioning my shock and excitement that everyone loves tofu as well! Go figure. I did not know how that one would go over, as well as the increase in beans to the diet. But man! between the tofu and the beans, veggies, etc…. D is probably finally getting enough protein for her intensely high-energy body!

Any rate… it’s been a great journey thus far, and b/c everyone feels so awesome, I see this sticking around! Tomorrow… we are off to our new garden (at grandpa’s) and planting some organic veggies!!! ; ) This is a thrill and hope we are successful in our first-ever gardening adventure! Wish us luck!

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