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It’s funny to me how life can fly right by you with a flash of light, with a blurry trail behind. I am so glad that I have the bit OCD habit of taking lots and lots of photos. I sometimes feel like maybe I should be less ‘in-your-face’ with the camera, but after an evening like this, when I sit at my computer and upload all of my pix from my camera, I realize just how seriously rich our life has been. Not that it isn’t usually, nor has this has not been a recurring feeling. It’s just funny to me how much you can forget just what you truly have been up to!

This past Sunday a new friend asked me what new things we had been up to. I could think back and probably pull up some really fun answers, however, sometimes in the moment I can think and re-think what I just might say to certain people in certain situations. Here I sit uploading all of the amazing-ness in our lives, and it’s precious to relive as I pull them up to my trusty blog.

We’ve had the privilege of attending my brother and SIL’s baby shower! We have had repeated, very talented, funny and entertaining concerts by “The Secret Hats,” and just today… the Winter Wonderfest. It’s been a blast… with more to come : )

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