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UP Giveaway! – Nakita Baby
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UP Giveaway!


As folks are gearing up to head back to school (and many already at the grind), we at the Unschoolers Platform are going to CeLeBrAtE!!!!! We are going to ring in the not-back-to-school season with some FUN!!!! Michele and I are SO elated at the ever-building momentum of the conference this upcoming February that we are going to have some fun! While we need your help in the process of this fun, we hope that ultimately, someone who may not have otherwise been able to afford to attend, has been on the fence about attending, or just plain wants to come!, will be a grand-prize-winner….. “WINNER?!” you ask??? YES! Winner!

Here’s what’s going to happen:
We need YOUR help in spreading the word about the conference. We want to see the ‘likes’ on our page grow! Please feel free to forward this message along to your homeschooling, unschooling and life learning friends. Encourage them to like our page to stay in touch with the conference’s evolving plans, announcements, funshops, etc. Once we hit 600 likes on this Facebook page…. we are going to have a giveaway!!!

What’s the Facebook giveaway you ask?
Well…. great question! We will host a posting that will allow each of you to leave a comment. Your comment is your entry into the giveaway. We will then do a video recorded drawing from names in a hat (good ol’ fashion way!), and THAT winner will win a FREE family registration! Yep…. attend the conference for free (sans hotel accommodations if needed)!

Doesn’t this sound like fun?!?!?
Now go onward and upward! SHARE this post with your FB world! Once we get to 600 likes on our Facebook page, we will announce giveaway details and how your family can enter to win!

YAY! “Happy NOT-Back-To-School!!!!”
XO, Amy and Michele

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