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Updates… as promised – Nakita Baby
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Updates… as promised

So here it is… the low down on what’s been going on at Jarjusey Kunda. It’s been busy to say the least… I mean to have gone nearly 3 months without posting… that says it all. I think I ended at about mid-October when we were so ready for Halloween! The kids second or maybe third favorite holiday…. First being xmas, and then between their birthdays and Halloween there is a close 2nd and 3rd. We had been to nearly every Halloween store with in a 15 mile radius. And of course each one we went to I was told how we just did not do enough to celebrate Halloween. Ugh… as much as I love that holiday, we are in an apartment, so there’s just only so much we can do to decorate! This year’s additions included several spiders, and window decals. Two huge poster-type window displays that really spooked out a couple of our younger pals who’d come to play or visit our place! Oh, and this creepy door hanging that we choose to hang on the bathroom door, but each time someone would come in and out we’d here this *loud* cackling! Kinda hilarious, until the day I found out just how much it creeped out one of our lil’ friends (minor pee accident ; (

Mid-October and through lots of November SBJ was working tons of weekends. He was super-low staffed, trying to hire and train new people not proving to be easy. It was a rough time. Felt like we never saw him! Many a weekends where we were still hanging out without daddy and missing him. (Fortunately… and knock-on-wood… that all seems to be worked out so we will again be able to see him more!)

So let’s see…. we attended one weekend, a Lego Building class at a local library for free. That was super fun event, and all agreed one hour was just not enough! I was able to enjoy a Parent’s Tea that same weekend. It was a pleasure to get out and enjoy some time for myself, but catch-22 with SBJ working so much that he was home doing kid-duty and I was out enjoying myself. I did need the break and it was backed right up to an au pair meeting I had that day, nonetheless, it was his day at home and I did not get to see him much.

The meeting was a Halloween Party for the au pairs, who most were very excited to celebrate this very American tradition. They were all dressed in costume and we had activities for them. It was pretty fun! At the start of that week we had a fun visit from our friends who just recently moved out to Portland. They were in town visiting family and for work reasons, but we were able to sneak in a quick little visit. They sure are missed! I hope we make it out there soon to visit their (new) neck-o-the-woods!

Grandpa had swung by that day and something that has not happened before happened…. you may want to brace yourself before I break the news on this one. It’s quite shocking, really. S was down for a nap and K and D were itchin’ to get to the park. G’pa took the older two to the park for the entire afternoon! AND… b/c S was sleeping, was able to get my work done during the DAY! I know… told you… it’s a shocker. I still relieve that moment with the anticipation that it will soon, at some point happen again in the future. Will this great fortune cross my path again some day? I sure do hope so!

He did stick around for dinner that evening. D and I headed off to clay class that evening and it was a great day all around! Only to be followed up with a really fun field trip to the Shedd Aquarium the next day. That was super fun as well. I think I must have been living in a hole for the last year b/c I had never heard anything at all about remodeling at the Shedd…. Low and behold… things were a bit different! Especially with the dolphin show. But that too was a fun adventure for all. We did end up playing outdoors more than in that day. For whatever the reason, they were not that psyched after about 2-3 hours there. They usually can stay the whole day, but they were done earlier. And maybe for the best…. because then comes some more news!

That afternoon we were hanging out in Museum Campus strolling around, rolling down hills, having lunch and taking some fun pix:


And I finally connected with the owner of this company I was interviewing for. Ah! Since my super duper great friend had just resigned and put in an amazingly fabulous, great recommendation for me, I was a shoe-in! I was hired that afternoon and started pretty quickly there after as the Chicago Editor for Famplosion! It’s been super duper great for me. It’s a really fun gig. I really enjoy seeking out the fun family activities and posting them up there, designing, arranging and rearranging. Informing Chicago families of the awesome activities out there for them to explore as a family! It’s been wonderful. I just can’t say enough you lucky I feel to be a part of it!

Amidst starting up a new job, alongside my Cultural Care still in full-gear, we had lots more going on that week. We made it out to the Des Plaines class which the topic that month was the Day of the Dead. Very cool class. K and D enjoyed it thoroughly. G’pa even made it out there with us and he had a blast. We of course had to visit the Choo-Choo that month. Grab some food delivered on the train. That’s just such a great place.  It’s super fun for the kids to watch that train go around, and it has such a feel of history to the place. I don’t know who wouldn’t love it. Word has it they want to tear that place down to build a police station! So please help save this phenomenal family-fun place!

We had Animation Class that week at our home and went to see Where the Wild Things Are (movie…. hmmmm…. my review is not that great). It was so incredibly well-done, but it really was just so sad in tone, meaning, story… just about everything. K even said to me that he felt it was a very sad movie. He even seemed to have a hard time watching it. Yet another one of those where we spent the bucks to be in a theater and were just not overly thrilled to be seeing it on big-screen. Ah well… live and learn.

Later on we K had his math class with a group of homeschoolers which he was totally digging. It last till the end of October and he just really thoroughly enjoyed that class a ton. D had her sports classes as well on Fridays throughout October and November. She really loved her activities (what luck! : )

D started up Girl Scouts at the end of Oct. and she took to that so quickly it was not only a blessing, and thrilling, but als heart-breaking. Of course… mama’s heart-strings tugging when she ventures off and thoroughly enjoys without a care to my whereabouts. This is a drop-off activity for her, and it’s her first. She just adores her Daisey troop, her new friends, her Daisy sister, and Big Sister. She’s achieved several new badges and is just blossoming so quickly before my (teary) eyes. Ahhh… let’s take a moment:


(Her ceremony that was later on in early December.)

So we were able to squeeze in just one more park day that month before the cold hit. Well, heck we even tried to do a few cold days in November, but we all quickly realized how insane we were for even attempting! And the of course… Halloween hit. We had so much fun. They had a blast, and collected more candy than they could even fathom. The Friday before we made it to G’ma’s K-town to do a round of trick-o-treating up there. And then the day of, we did a round around here in Evanston. OH… that Friday S had fallen asleep kinda later in the day, so me…. thinking I was OH-so-wise…. brought K and D out to G’ma’s house without him. OH what a HUGE (monumental) mistake. Once he woke he was so intensely upset that K and D were gone (with me) and that he was at home. SBJ called to say we really needed to come home. That’s been a huge (interesting) development lately. He has absolutely no issues being home with SBJ with K and D there (like if I need to run out to a meeting or something). BUT if I were to take the older two out without him… OH, hands down tragedy will strike. He just does not and will not be left behind! He really is one funny little dude.

So here I must end for the evening and I promise to come back strong with updates with our November happenings. I will leave you with some fun Halloween pix:


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