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UP_PAMPam Sorooshian and her husband, Cyrus, are parents to three unschooled and now all-grown-up daughters (ages 25, 28, and 31 by conference time). They provide the best proof possible that unschooling can “work” as they are happy and successful adults. Pam has taught college-level economics and statistics for the past 40 (yes that’s right) years. She has been involved with unschooling – reading, writing, observing, thinking, and speaking – for the past 20 years. Pam runs the “Unschooling California” Facebook group and is on the Board of Directors of the HomeSchool Association of California. She writes for and helps publish “The Homeschooler,” and blogs (occasionally) at LearningHappens@wordpress.com. She writes extensively online and has also written for a newly-published book, “Playing With Math.” Pam’s number one hobby is learning about how children learn and how schooling can block learning, especially when it comes to math. 


UP_RenRen Allen, admitted Tea-aholic, lover of birds, student of life, mother of many, and companion to one.  We found our way to natural learning as a family, led by my very energetic and non-conforming eldest son who left school after kindergarten in 1995. I have learned and followed my own passions alongside my children which has led to some amazing adventures, not the least of which is running my own makeup and body paint studio across the hall from my photographer husband. Unschooling has definitely been a lifestyle for us… with all it’s ups and downs.


UP_PaulaPaula Sjogerman, mom of two always unschooled now adults, is a theater artist and arts administrator living in the great city of Chicago. She likes Shakespeare, singing and short walks on the beach. Her unique and diverse experiences – including being a certified teacher and too many years of after school programs – formed her solid and steadfast “unbelief” in the current institution of school. She is unabashed in sharing what she stands for, will speak loudly about it, perhaps also jumping up and down.




(Co-Founder, Co-Organizer of Unschoolers Platform)
Amy Jarjusey has an unquenchable thirst for spying a need and fulfilling demands.
As a co-founder and sole coordinator of the AJ Collective Workshops she is constantly peering outside the box determined to supply everyone involved with new classes, fresh experiences and a place where families can gather, develop friendships and provide support to one another. Amy doesn’t take “no” for an answer and conversely doesn’t give “no” for an answer! With Amy there is ALWAYS a way — it’s never “DO?” — it’s always “DONE!” On the home front, she and her dedicated husband Seringe, are the anchors to the foundation of life learning that their 5 children are all deeply ingrained in as they sail about their days — crazy busy — but always connected!!


up_michele2(Co-Founder, Co-Organizer of Unschoolers Platform)
It is with titanic enthusiasm that Michele Kowalski sprang on board to help bring the unschoolers platform to life! Michele loves to see folks of all ages having fun — as well as hugely loving having fun herself. Her buoyant energy and “get in the mix” attitude keep her moving, growing and continually amazed by life. She, and her tenderhearted husband Vlaiko, are devoted to raising their son Hacho (6) with a deep and abiding reverence to his unique spirit. Guiding him gently while basking in the complete grandeur of abandoning the main stream as often as possible. LOOK FOR HER IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DANCE FLOOR!!! “Heyyyyyyyyyy!”



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