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Funshop Submission

Greetings FUNSHOP coordinators, participants and interested parties!

Funshops are an amazing way to share common hobbies, interests, passions, and FUN! Let’s face it, it’s sometimes hard to meet new people, and at a conference of hundreds of people…. it could be a wee bit more so. But when you have something awesome in common with others? Something fun to share? A hobby in common with others? A passion that newbies are interested in learning from you? SO.MUCH.FUN…. right?!

That is the point of our funshops. We would love registered UP participants to offer up a funshop to the other registered participants at the UP conference. These activities should be pretty much free for you to run, and pretty much free for participants to partake in. So if you let’s say, want to do Minecraft workshop…. ask each participant to come along with their own laptop and Minecraft set up to play along. If you would like to design and/or trade ATCs, have folks bring their favorite supplies and collections to create and trade together. If you love matchbox cars….. well, you get the idea. Pick your thing, and create a one hour space in which others can share along with you.

Questions? Please submit them to unschoolersplatform@gmail.com.

Ready to submit a funshop? Please use this form HERE. We THANK YOU for offering something fun for all!


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