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This week has been off to a rough start and I’d be glad if that’s all that’s in store for me. I’d love to know that all of D’s b-day plans go off without a hitch, and that the worst is done. Monday D was sure she could scale a slippery wet shower wall by grabbing onto a bar on the wall overhead. Sure enough, too slippery to shimmy her way up and on the way down gashed her right knee on this sharp porceline (from the broken soap holder on the wall)! Ugh….

Off to the ER, where I was less than thrilled with the staff there. Even with me prefacing (to the staff) the fact that she was totally petrified to be there b/c we had been there before and the staff that treated us were pretty not-kid-friendly…. they still sucked. I can’t say enough and the story is too long for me to produce this late a night, but had she not needed so many stitches, I’d have walked out with her at one point. Was not the best time… at all. She’s doing well. Recovering with 6 stitches in the most inconvenient part of the leg. Right at the bend. So we’ve already had a few mild bleeding episodes b/c she gains just the slightest bit of mobility and she’s off running and jumping around as if nothing ever happened. So she’s banged it. Last night I was certain she popped a stitch or two, but all turned out OK. Today she’s had a bit of swelling and I’m holding my breath that it’s gone down by tomorrow AM, or I’m taking her in to the pediatrician to check on everything (particularly worried about infection). Hopefully a night without major wraps on her leg will bring that swelling down. I’m hopeful since she does not seem phased by most of this.

Then today the car was swiped in the CVS parking lot. Man was I ticked. I just can’t envision people feeling kosher with themselves for have putting a 1.5-2 foot dent in someone’s car door and then driving off like that. Filed a police report but the CVS survielence is not so great, so there’s really no hope on that end. We were not in the store for more than 20 min…. it’s just so annoying.

Of course after all of that we did the b-day balloon shopping. An annual tradition we do for each of the kids birthdays. They get to go to Evanston’s Hallmark and pick out a bunch of balloons for themselves. They have high-float which helps the balloons last forever, so even 5-6 weeks from now she’ll still be celebrating! They do a great job. We had tested out a couple other places for balloons. Yes, they were cheaper, but man… they were cheaper. Hallmark is worth the quality AND the squirt of high-float. The kids just love this tradition! Good times.

Tomorrow SBJ is home from work! YEA!
Starts with me getting to sleep in later! Then I will bake some cupcakes with the Big D…. and then SBJ is also letting me escape to Starbucks to do some writing! So excited about that. Going to soak up this day b/c I rarely get to have that much time for me, aside from him being around for a full day at random! A huge treat!

Friday starts off the celebration for D. We will be meeting friends at Wagner Farm for the afternoon, later dinner with Grandpa and Aunt J (who is in town)! Sunday is her actual birthday and we are taking her (immediate us) to the paint-your-own-pottery-type place, and later out to dinner with Grandma! Busy weekend ahead! But should be lot’s of fun!

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