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Trivia Mania

The fun objective to this class will be for your child(ren) to come home with a handmade, from scratch, cooperative Trivial Pursuit game to play with friends and family!

Your child(ren) will be involved in creating all trivia cards for the game, as well as designing their own game board, pieces, and instructions for the game.

The first 4 weeks are focused on trivia building. We will gather in a study group style at our home and focus on designated topics of the week (see schedule below). Each child is responsible for bringing books related to that week’s subject as well as a designated number of interesting facts on the subject. (We want them to bring what is most interesting to them and what they enjoyed learning about the topic!) We will discuss them and create trivia cards as the four weeks elapses.

The second 4 weeks is where even more fun comes in because we begin working on a cooperative game board, game pieces and directions to their games! SO much fun to be had designing cool magical lands, tasks, and adventures for their game.

All games are meant to bring home at the end of the class. Trivia cards will be mass produced for each of the kids from a master set made from the first 4 weeks (In other words, I plan to take dictation during the first 4 weeks and mass produce the trivia for them.) Schedule to include:

Jan. 11 – TOPICS

1. world history

2. animals (wild or domestic, but living… we touch on extinct later on)

Jan. 18 – TOPICS

1. science

2. world cultures and/or religions (can include anything to traditions, foods, histories, holidays, etc.)

Jan. 25 – TOPICS

1. astronomy

2. prehistoric times (to include big-bang theories, first life forms, evolution of animals and humans as well as ice age+ )

Feb. 1 – TOPICS

1. mythology and mystical creatures

2. “wild card” – can include anything to math, reading, problem solving, languages, art, geography, transportation, etc. ** child’s choice! Be creative and have fun!)

Feb. 8th – no class

Feb. 15th – March 8th – Let the game-building begin! Gather each Monday for 4 Mondays and your child’s imagination will come to life in the game-building sessions.

Join our family for a fun-filled class of trivia acquisition and game-building!

Mondays: January 11, 2010March 8, 2010

No class Mon. Feb 8th

10:00am – 12:00pm

Cost: $30.00

Ages 7 years +

Location: The Unity Church, 3434 Central Street, Evanston

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