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Tooth count!

We have lost tooth number 4! Thanks to lil’ sis’ taking an arm to the face, we had a very bloody lost tooth episode this evening! She was so proud of “helping” that she wrote a note to the tooth fairy to let her know that she was responsible for K’s tooth falling out. She drew a picture of lot’s a little fairies, wrapped it in an envelope and put it under her pillow. K was kinda annoyed…. maybe feeling like she was stealing the thunder. But he is quite happy that danglin’ little thing is finally out! He is sure that he’s going to get an early xmas present b/c of it! I, frankly think that an early present would be quite fun. The anticipation of waiting till the “big” day…. it’s killin’ us all! And, frankly, why shouldn’t the holiday be celebrated more than just ONE day in the year! There is just too much fun around the holiday to have it all bundled into a single day!

Anyhoo…. here is the newest ‘mouth’ pic:

And other pic’s….. S is truly cruisin’ now. He’s crawling everywhere and pulling up on things to practice that upright position. He loves when D or K help him “walk”. It’s quite cute. Other pics are from our visit to the Field Museum this week. Even S had a blast crusin’ around with big brother and sister!

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