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This past couple of weeks our family has been working on a major house-purging in pursuit of leaving the home in a less-cluttered, much easier-to-pack-up, situation. All in attempts to be able to travel at ease, and pack up when we deem needed to pack up and either move or storage.

This purging has been coming in waves. Started really strong as the kids nudged me to get started and really kept my momentum going. Then we got rid of tons of stuff and got stuck-in-rut halfway through. Our momentum seized for a good week or so. This weekend we have a few days of nothing much on the calendar and I was the one to attempt the reigniting of the momentum and get the cleaning and purging up and going again.

I can easily say…. the “nesting” has not kicked in for me just yet. By the time it does however, it will be too late for this endeavor. A day or so ago we picked back up and really got moving again. We are nearly done with yet one more entire room which feels awesome!!!

THEN….. today….. THIS happened!










We were moving an old decrepit bookshelf out of the house and as it was falling apart before our eyes, one of the shelves toppled (or hurled!!!) towards my foot. I likely should go for stitches. I’m awaiting and seeing what I can do for myself here. Several hours after the incident, a good cleaning and lots of icing later, I feel pretty decent. I just am unsure how I will fit a shoe on my foot in the next day or so. Luckily, don’t need to at least tomorrow. Tuesday…. hmmm… different story. We shall see. May be the crazy with the flip flop on one foot for the next week or so.

The accident freaked D out. I personally did not realize in the moment that I had been completely spliced open. I was doubled over in the amount of pain I was feeling, but I thought more of a broken-something had happened. D yelled, “Uh, MOMMY! Are you OKAY?????” I looked down to see blood pouring from my toe. Little disheartening. But man, K and D both stepped up to bat big time. They remained calm, helped me out big time and I got lots of love and relaxation afterwards. So hopefully…. speed recovery! This mama just does not like to sit still!!!


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