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Today was fun! – Nakita Baby
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Today was fun!

So, it’s nearly ‘our turn’ for study group. And K is really wanting to discuss Komodo Dragons while D is really very much into the wild cat thing. She wants to read and talk about Tigers this time around… I feel part of this is stemming from her strong desire to have a pet kitty = ) But that’s just mother’s intuition speaking. We have opted for origami tiger finger puppets… we’ll see how that activity is played out by all as we have really (really) gotten into the study of wild cats in this house and I am running out of ideas here! = )

K’s adventure into Komodo Dragon’s has been quite interesting. Learning a ton about a reptile I may have never given time of day to! Today we were surfing the web before leaving the house and came across a youtube video that he thought was so fantastic he wanted to put it on a dvd to watch it over and over again.

I do forewarn… this is about the nastiest thing I’ve ever seen… Only view if you are not easily queezy!

So after our fun filled morning of scopping out the Komodo’s, we headed out of house for an adventure filled afternoon/evening. This weather has just been so miserable… affecting all of our moods. Cold and drizzly… cloudy and foggy. Today’s activites were just what we needed to really have some fun. First stop was the Mitchell Museum in Evanston with our homeschool families. As much as my kiddos are really not into the study of native american indians, they really did retain a bunch of cool info and have a blast with their friends! Then it was off to Evanston’s lighting of their christmas tree! Can’t even believe that tree lighting now takes place before Thanksgiving! But it was quite fun despite the weather. Even caught a glimpse of Santa who came flying in on the big ol’ ladder fire truck!

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