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Having taken advantage of a day at home… to do absolutely nothin’ much at all, I have found my to-do list growing and a bit out of control. One thing I’ve noticed since addition of baby 4, is that grooming of peoples has become pretty much an all-day event! Aside from baby who could care less and just wants to be warm, everyone tends to hang in that tub for hours on end. The older two tend to hang out ‘swimmin’ in the tub and *then* they take showers. A must-do in my book b/c each tends to react to soapy-stagnant water. But when they shower afterward, they tend to avoid the the rashy-ness that is doomed when skipping a shower post tubbin’. Any-hoo, yesterdays groom-a-thon was an all day event and I eventually got my shower around 5pm! : ) All well worth it though! Getting everyone that sparkly clean in a single given day is quite an accomplishment these days!

I’ve noticed that addition of baby 4 has added a whole new groove to a daily routines. One that I really (really) like and cherish. Of course it means that the to-do list has grown. I’m finding that much outside ourselves ends up on a post-it note and gets added to the pile accumulating on my desk. But if just one post-it is tossed per day, great accomplishment has been made!

Addition of baby 4 has also seemed to have me more and more comfortable with me and mama-hood. May sound a bit funny, as a 36 y/o mama should probably have¬† a grasp on who she is, and where she’s going. But frankly, marriage was the first step of doing what feels right in my life, and motherhood and all that follows has brought more and more of ‘me’ out and allowed me to truly follow my heart. Coming into my own, feeling myself and growing not only into who I am but discovering what has always been there…. It’s a blessing. Motherhood has been a huge (huge) blessing and I’m feeling quite happy… overly abundant.

P.S. Don’t ya hate it when you draft a kick-ass post and it gets lost do to a log-in timed out and you have to start all over again, but it’s just not as great the 2nd time around b/c you just can’t remember a stinkin’ thing from the 1st post? Yea…. welcome to that post : )

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