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Take off has been fairly seamless. A fantabulous week down with many more to come!

To start…. we took off for the Indiana Dunes to do a bit of camping (albeit COLD camping)… but camping for the birthday boy’s wishes! He’d been longing to get in some outdoor time, tent time, hiking, and of course s’mores. We all thought we could pretty much hack it, but ultimately the cold did dig it’s vicious grips into our deepest cores and sent us packing to a hotel for a swim, hot shower and heat!

We did get in quite a bit of hiking though, while we did last. Enjoyed the most amazing ice cream cake (another birthday wish which I was not as certain I’d be able to accomplish)…. alas, there was a Dairy Queen just 10 minutes from camp so the boy scored the best Death by Chocolate Ice Cream cake…. which we promptly ate as a complete lunch upon arrival to campsite.













The ‘highlight’ if you’d care to call it that, was M carrying away to a tick attached to her neck as we departed. It apparently grabbed hold of her some time on Tuesday and just a few hours later in a Walmart parking lot as I was herding them outta the car I noticed something on her neck/chest area. With a double glance at how she may have attained this weird mark on her body I realized right quick that she had a little carrier friend along for the ride. Without trying to freak out to much we swiftly marched into the Walmart to attain some supplies for a quick removal. Once gone, we sat in a Subway to feed some bellies and chill some nerves. With the plethora of information on our dear friend Google, I was feeling like I could chill a bit more. At the hotel I called our insurance nurse hotline and they felt we were a-okay and outta the woods…. but a bit more research and a visit at a Ohio urgent care we opted for the more preventative measures and started a round of antibiotics.

All that aside, we arrived in Beallsville, OH with dear friends we had met several years ago at an unschoolers conference. After several prompts to visit them, we did so last year and had so much of a blast we returned a few more times before fall season hit. Coming here is like returning to a place that feels like home. Such dear friends who share their little slice of heaven here in SE Ohio each time we return. It’s quite enjoyable catching up with them and enjoying the countryside. We will be here for the week to come before we head off to the Unschoolers Waterpark Gathering the following week.

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