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There just really is not enough time in a day. We need far more time…. *I* need far more time. I simply cannot find enough time to do what I need and still have enough to sleep. My new addiction….. knitting. Go figure. I got creative for xmas and knitted a few gifts and that was it. Hooked. Literally. What’s that you say? The kids need food? There are bagels on the counter. I’m sure there is some semblance of fruit in the fridge. I’ll be with you in a second (or 1000). I’m a fiend… and the worst part is… I have SO.MUCH other stuff to attend to it’s scary. Like sleep for instance. I just simply won’t admit to you that I have been routinely up till 2 or 3am just to finish a hat that I was so in love with. Not even *my* hat. Just so proud of the fact that I was knitting in a round AND it fit K’s head. It just had to get finished. My proud masterpiece. And after a long-wistful holiday break, I thought I was the wise-ol’ mama getting the kids into some illusion of a night routine. A very practical, “Now it is time to brush and *get read* for bed.”…. one hour later, “Now let’s actually get INto bed.” And then about a half hour or so later…. “We can now shut off all electronic devices.” Works VERY well for them. The house calms and the kids are getting to sleep much easier. I have to say it’s been a nice transition and they must have been lacking the inability to find the nightly calm. It was taking them SOOOOOOOOO long to find peace to sleep. They were staying up way-too-late and then being very grouchy the next day. So I figured it was time for some sort of retraining of the bodies… the night rhythms. And as much as they seem so much better…. it’s ME. ME! ME!!!!!!

I need to do the same. I need to follow suit. And I had mapped out that when their electronics went off it would be my time to do computer stuff. And then by 10:30a I would allow myself to knit till 11:30a and then crash for the night. You can see how well that’s working…. 12am I write this. There always seems to be just one more email to write, or one more FB status to read, or ONE more show to watch (in this crazy series I got myself hook on…. that has FIVE seasons!!!), or JUST. ONE. MORE. STITCH!!!1 This knitting thing is going to kill me and I really can’t stop!

Hello, my name is Amy and I am a knitter-aholic.



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