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This ‘n That

Hectic weekend led to a semi-restful Monday. Starting last week, Friday, we made the insane decision that beach day at Foster and then a drive across Chicago (west-ward) during rush-hour was a wise idea. May not have been so bad if we weren’t in the midst of a torrential down pour, and we hadn’t had the beach day from hell. Well…. it was the getting there and settled that was slightly insane, and then we were thrilled to be there. But apparently it was Chicago’s half-day/last-day of school and it’s “tradition” for everyone to head to Foster on that Friday! And yep…. I had no clue of this lil’ tradition and got suckered into the trek. So parking was a nightmare. Probably a good mile or so from the beach. Beach totally crowded, people on top of each other, which for the J’s just does not fly. BUT…. it was so stinkin’ hot that it was a blessing to be settled and cooling off in the water!

The drive to the b-day party was a nightmare, but again, once we finally arrived, the skies totally cleared and the kids had a blast with their friends. It was a super fun time for all. Of course we all returned home completely wiped out and totally needed to wash people down. It was a late night to say the least.

Sat. I had an au pair meeting, meeting the au pairs at the Custer Street Fair, definitely one of my favorites. S woke up feeling kinda funky. He had a rough night the night before, and was not feeling great that day. He passed out for a nap just before I needed to leave, so I ended up taking K and D to the fair instead of everyone. I met up with the au pairs, and we saw a bit of the fair, but unfortunately, we had to head out quickly as I had another meeting to get to. Kids were bummed and I felt bad b/c they hadn’t gotten to wander the fair much.

Evening meeting was the mamas/daughters group and it was really really nice. I am getting a good feel for where this is going and how it’s evolving and look forward to the time when the girls are involved in the meetings. Looks like we are going to attempt one moms meeting a month and one girls meeting a month. It’ll be great to see how things transpire when the girls are participating.

Father’s Day was lovely and low key. The kids picked out a new bike helmet for daddy’s gift as he’s been quite the biker lately. He’s got the bike and now the helmet and enjoying the exercise he’s getting and the additional special time he’s getting with the kids. The kids each drew nice pictures for him. That is really D’s thing. She loves to draw book-fulls of pix and thoroughly enjoys giving her art to her loved ones. So sweet.

So. After a lounging morning we decided that K and S could get out to the Brickworld festival for a bit and I would hang with the other 2. S was still not feeling tip-top shape so it was not worth trekking around with him and D is not that totally into Legos that paying her admission was worth it. After they got their little traps around the festival we stopped by the garden to see what was left standing…. not much at this point. But hopefully we’ll get at least 1 vegetable out of the whole thing. : ) After that stop-over we headed back to Custer Street Fair. It’s a fun festival and I enjoy peeking around at people’s cool stuff. I swear every year, that the next year I will have a table there. But each year comes and goes and I fail to get my butt in gear to do so. Maybe next year will finally be the year. At least I’d hope so!

Ah… so headed home and everyone crashed. That’s pretty busy for us as I kinda love the more mellow weekend times, but it was really fun and worth it all. S was still not up to par as of yesterday and so we opted to stay home today and kinda catch up and enjoy some down time. Today he’s kinda back and forth on whether on the mends or not. Not even sure what’s happening with him as he seems to only have stomach issues. No fever, nothing else to go on. What I think is going on is teething. Those stinkin’ molars still have not completely come in and I think there’s lots of drool making its way down to his little tummy and he’s got some major upset. I started him on probiotics yesterday seeing as he’s not nursing anymore, I thought that might help. I am hopeful this will pass soon. W/o a fever, cold or any other symptoms I have no clue where to go. He’s diapers are so loose, but yet not so frequent, and he still wants to eat and drink. Thought not eating a ton (or as usual) he wants to eat. And he’s drinking great. So go-figure. We’ll see how he is tomorrow.

Had a good day of Blockus and Wii, drawing and movies. I love those kinda days with the kids, and enjoy the down time for myself. I have been pretty pooped lately. I think it’s time to start turning in far earlier than I have been lately. The belly is growing and baby’s super active. I feel hungry every 2-3 hours and it’s tough to keep up! But so eager and looking forward!

And on that note…. I think I will do as I suggest and hit the hay.

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