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This ‘n That

I have found March to already be a bit more chaotic than usual and causing us all to feel like chickens with our head cut off. It’s been hectic, and not the best sorta way b/c of the end result (tired and resentful). It’s always a tough time when some things are coming to an end, and other things are starting up, but all seeming to overlap ever so carefully that we struggle to maintain sanity. The winds of change are heavy in the household. In many different aspects that it also adds to the busy-ness of the home. There has been light sprinkles of snow, which in my book, just add to the chaos. We all are feeling quite a bit of cabin fever, despite being out and about the majority of the time, it’s the cold and cloudiness that drain the moods and energy. Longing for some more sun, and even just ever-so-slightly warmer weather would help us all tremendously!

In very exciting news, we purchased a mini van last week! I have fallen in love with our new vehicle. It’s been quite a nice drive, and ironically makes all of the car shuffling of children to activities quite pleasurable! I really had zero concept that it could ever be our car that caused any distress in our daily routines, but really this new vehicle has altered even the most packed-full (of activities) days that we have. It’s a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan and a pretty shade of blue that just makes me smile when I see it. I posted on facebook that I probably love it more than I really should… after all, most women don’t really “love” their cars, do they? Like, maybe. Love…. hmmmm…. well, I’ve not truly loved a vehicle this much before : )

We have an exciting 9th b-day coming up. I am happy for him, and I know he is so eager. I told SBJ that I am always weepy inside when they have b-days. I don’t like my babies getting older so fast! But when it’s the big 1-0, ugh…. you’ll actually see tears fallin’. That sweet mama’s boy… He is just the best ever.

My books have started to arrive for my certification. I have dug one out to start getting a move on with the reading. Haven’t heard back from BWI just yet about my registration, but I am sure that call will be soon. In the meantime, need to start plugging through all of these books arriving on the doorstep! I am very excited about what’s to come!

Kids are all doing fabulous! Aside from being a little over-scheduled, they are doing fabulously. After the month of March… or even just that last week, we will begin to feel a new normal set in, and it will feel good to have less on our plate, and be welcoming more spring into the atmosphere! We are all just itching to hang out at the park for hours on end, and eventually to a pool and beach!

This weeks docu-mama’s film was Romantico. It was yet another film I was not overly thrilled with. Last week was Parking Lot and I have to admit that at least Romantico was much better than that one, but seriously, would love to see a film that truly intrigues me and sparks something in me. It is truly awesome, however, to have that group of mama’s contributing to awesome discussions and having something other than the ol’ fashioned book club. As much as I think I would LOVE a book club, having one more thing to read would put me over the edge. I like taking an evening to kick back and watch someone’s personal choice of documentary. I ponder why they choose it, or what various people’s feedback would be. I am really enjoying the group discussions each week as well! Something fun to look forward to.

Can’t recall if I mentioned my new knitting project. I am in the process of knitting M a little poncho. If it turns out well, I had intended to make one for Etsy. Also planning on posting other stuff to Etsy, but thought this would be an attractive item for babies and toddlers. However, at the rate I’m going, I’ll be lucky to have it finished in time for her to wear in the appropriate weather. Dag-nabbit…. even if it is summer, she will wear it to the beach! : ) 

So K watched Ghost Rider this evening on TNT and of course just about 5 min ago climbed out of bed and onto the couch next to me sleep till I went to bed. I hope this is not a precursor of what’s to come because S also saw some of that movie in passing from one room to the other. He kinda got sucked in at one point, and I thought to myself, “Uh, oh.”

Any rate…. got a tiny bit of extra sleep this weekend and yet here I am late at night into the wee-morning hours and wasting away that precious sleep I accumulated. I suppose I was feeling a bit guilt-stricken that I had not blogged in longer period of time and instead just crossed it off in my mind. Reality is hitting on what a crazy week this will be, and I’m coming to my senses and turning in…. G’nite!

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