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The peas have grown! – Nakita Baby
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The peas have grown!

Today was another eventful day. Last night we (meaning Sand me) did not sleep a wink. Ironically, I was so pooped from yesterday’s adventure to Navy Pier that I went to bed at about 8p-9p to “catch up” on sleep. Pah. Yea, like that happened. S, at about 11p, decided it was indeed not the night for sleeping. I was kicking myself for not getting to him fast enough, before he gulped the play-water at the children’s museum! Then kicking myself again for the amount of times I caught him sipping my diet coke. I figure between drinking a gulp of the germ-invested water, and drinking gulps of caffeine that I was on the road to pay-back. Then after him catching up on his sleep from about 8a-11a, waking feeling just his happy lil’ self and seeming quite fine, we realized that he may have just been totally starving all along. He ate food continuously from about 11am through 7pm tonight! Quite the funny lil’ man.

So today we were headed to the garden to give it a good watering. Hadn’t rained for a few days, and anticipating it not raining for a few more, we ran out there to saturate. It was so cool to see that the peas had grown just since we had been there Sunday! And we see life of potential watermelon growth as well! That would be pretty cool! After a quick visit with G’pa we headed back home to have friends over for the afternoon. The kiddos thoroughly enjoy their best buds and they had a blast. I get a ton done while they are fully entertained…. I took advantage of Peapod this afternoon. With classes, b-days, and garage sale approaching, I did not know how to get that minor detail done, so this week I delved into Peapod. It’s been so long since I’ve used them, I forgot how extremely lovely that unique concept actually is! Something I could every easily get used to!

After a quick shuffle of getting dinner together we headed to the midwife for a baby check! 24 weeks along now and baby is MOVING!! This one is quite active most of the day, it will be very cool to see who this little person is inside of me! Check up went great…. quick but great. It’s funny, as much as I want to sit and chat with Hillary and get to know her more, this is baby 4 and we don’t have any questions or concerns! Visits are quick! But she is a lovely lady and I appreciate her interactions with the kids during the visits as well. That speaks wonders. K had control of the doppler-dealy today and he tracked down baby’s heartbeat! ; ) Very special!

I’m one room to go in my maniac-nesting-purging state of mind ; ) I’ve done half of the kitchen and need to conquer the other half tomorrow and Friday. We are going to try to have the garage sale on Saturday! I will be thrilled to have those boxes in the middle of the living room gone and feel like I’ve accomplished the full project. While driving through Skokie today we noticed the tents going up for the Culture Fest and I think we’ll head there on Sunday. The kiddos really seem to love that festival and it’s supposed to be amazing weather this weekend!

Off to bed… to “catch up” ; ) Maybe this night we will actually sleep!

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