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The Food Blahs – Nakita Baby
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The Food Blahs

A few times a year I’ve noticed that I enter into what I call my food-blah phase. This phase is encompassed with an overwhelming feeling of “blah” about all food. Food becomes annoying because I don’t necessarily have a taste for anything at all, and yet need to feed five other people in my life. I’d be perfectly happy with a bagel or a PB& J, yet presenting that to the other mouths in the house would be an invitation for doom. For really, for most in this house, a meal is not a meal w/o the meat (chicken really)…. and why, oh why would you ever skip a meal?

These phases are kinda long-lasting for me and usually precipitated by something big going on in our schedules. This current one is a direct reflection of the 2 week illness factor we just shuffled through our house. It was next to impossible to actually be in the kitchen for more than a few minutes, let alone even contemplate something to cook for sickies who would not eat. So the good habit of cooking nice healthy meals for my family was easily broken, and has since become hard to regain. Late last week I did venture in to cook a huge pot of domoda. Of course, I cooked in an amount that kept me out of the kitchen for the weekend : ) Then SBJ assisted that notion by cooking Chew for my bday, that also lasted us through the weekend. Now, with the impending snow storm heading our way, I look in the cupboards and fridge and realize I need to pick up some stuff at the grocery tomorrow. But the “what” factor is weighing heavily. I feel a general ‘blah’ about things I’ve been making, and maybe it’s time to add a new recipe or 2 to the repertoire to spice things up a bit.

I find this general feeling during the summer months too. We inevitably end up spending so much time outside, and to the late evening hours with all of the extra sunshine to soak up, that cooking a dinner seems to be the last thing on my agenda on a summer night! Much of the summer is spent like that, but at the very least, it does not seem to affect others much in the way it seems to in the winter months.

At any rate…. I think I’m on the look out for some new recipe ideas. Maybe a change in the usual will assist in getting back in gear. Recipe suggestions always welcome! ; )

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