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The Devil – Nakita Baby
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The Devil

This mystical little creature visited us today. The Devil felt the need to pay a visit to each and every one of us long before 8am today. Wow, was that a “lovely” visit as well. Let’s start with M’s routine of getting up by about 5:30a-6a every single morning now, for the last couple of weeks. My body just does not like waking before 7a. I seem to have this internal thresh hold point whereby getting up before 7a, I’m a wreck and can hardly cope. Getting up AT 7a or shortly after, I feel fabulous and ready to hit the road running. So this routine of getting up *loooooonnnnnnnGH* before 7a… it’s been painful. I tend to scoop her up, and race out of the room so she won’t crawl around and wake everyone with her cutziness. I head to the living room, grab a handful of toys, plop her down on the floor to play with the said-chosen-toys and then curl up on the couch and attempt to doze off for short minutes at a time. Till my 7a threshold hits and I’m OK to enter the kitchen to make some breakfast for everyone. However this AM, the rest of the crew felt it wise to wake before 7a as well. An unusual occurrence b/c K and D have been going to be quite late this summer. They are enjoying the daylight, and with nothing much to do buy play each day, I have not been too picky about them staying up so late. That is until today……

So yes, EVERYone up long before 7a, and probing for breakfast. I oblige and try to shake off the sleepy. I did go to bed a bit earlier than usual last night so it was not quite has hard as usual, but still…. So we are talking about the day, I am getting the littles ready and D’s visit from the Devil was first, and in FULL swing. The rage was about what to wear today, and boy…. was that a doosy. She did not know if she should go in a swim suit or clothes, and wanted to know what her friends were doing and did not like the fact that I was setting the ground rule that she was not going back and forth to the car or bathroom to change. A week or two ago there was a man at the park who was constantly approaching K to recruit him for some football team. I was pretty upset by this occurrence, which also put me more on my guard around that park. So I said that they needed to go in whatever it was they were going to wear that day, and that was it. If they choose to get their clothes wet, they are dealing with wet clothes. If they went in suites, they are roaming the park in their swim suites. I did not see that as so insanely unreasonable, but hmmmm…… the Devil sure did.

This rage got so seriously intense, insistent, annoying and button-pushing that I lost it. The Devil then visited me for my dose of evil, and I let things rip. I for sure won the “mama of the year award” for today’s antics. Just so hard not to beat yourself up for all of the patience you intend to have and often do, and to foil it as badly as I did today…. : (  I felt like complete poop the entire rest of the day. It was as if nothing more could happen, but all the usual was going on (K and D bickering, or S being picked on…. things like this) that on a usual day would just be part of it all, but today…. yes on a day like today, these things should just not exist.

I ended up demanding that D was not going to participate in park day today. It was that bad. Little did I realize that SBJ was not going to be home before we left for the park to stay with her and my ultimatum? So I had to then decide…. let her go even after everything that was said and done that day? OR, keep everyone home (and then I would have to deal all of them HERE!?!?!) Yea…. you guessed it. There was no way I could do that. I knew they needed to run around the park and blow off steam (away from me), just as much as I needed them to be away from me. So we went to park. The evening was better after that romp at the park and in the sprinkler, but somehow I have just not shaken off what unfolded this AM. I then had them all in bed by 7:00pm saying that if they had not done so, we’d be skipping NUG beach tomorrow. I just could not envision reliving this day even once anywhere in the future, so off to bed they all went. Ironically, S was asleep on the couch by 6:30p, with M following close behind while nursing. D and K both in bed by 7p, were asleep before 7:15pm!!! HA! I just know I’m going to be paying for that one tomorrow AM ; ) They will probably all be up by 5:30am! I best be getting to bed myself!

Here’s to new days, fresh starts, and do-overs!


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