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The Big T-day – Nakita Baby
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The Big T-day

Happy Thanksgiving to us all.
It was just such a wonderful conclusion to what ended up being a very full fall season. Between AJCW, HYSL, EHS, and life… Thanksgiving was really just an amazing day to appreciate all that we have. It was a very busy start to the fall season, and with everything going on, we had lots going on developmentally here as well. K seems to be going through a very challening phase, not only for himself, but everyone (namely me) around him. We have been butting heads quite a bit, but it does appear (in the last week or so) that we are finding that light at the end of the tunnel (It’s there in the not-so-far distance. I have hope.) I am feeling better, and hopefully he is too. He just seemed to be in this position of challenging absolutely everything at every single moment possible. I could be calling the sky blue and that would be means for a very challenging, what ended in argument most often, discussion. It’s not to say that things are all of sudden better, but at the very least, I hope we have had enough tiffs, tears, and kisses to create good communication, and little learning, and hopefully an easier path for him ahead. We shall see.

D has had a ton of growing anxiety going on with her right now. I see it growing to be something that is at times hindering for her, and I find that challenging as a mom. I so much try to instill her own self-empowerment, and while I do see it at times in her life, there are many many times where I have concern (and challenges) with what I see in the way of her true stress and growing fears. It greatly affects her health. When she reaches high points of anxiety in her life she ends up with this type of acid reflux, nausea. While I have gotten better at realizing that the symptoms tend to lean towards some sort of stress or anxiety in her life, she is not able to acknowledge it herself, and struggles with ways to calm and relax. So we are working on that… slowly. As I write this I realize that we work on this in the moment of anxiety and really need to work on this (relaxation) when she’s not in the thick of things. Otherwise, she is doing wonderfully. She has taken to teaching her own polymer miniatures class and the hit that transpired from that was the purchase of her very own Ipod touch. She is quite proud of her accomplishment and thoroughly enjoying the class!

S is the same ol’ monkey. He is into everything 100% of the time. If he asks for help with something and you don’t service right away, he does it himself. Can be a good thing, unless it involves something sharp or wet :-D. He is quite the inventor, always has his hands on something and creating much of the day. He’s had this enormous growth spurt just after this beachy summer, and all of his clothes are suddenly and inch too short. He picks up the moodiness-tantrums swiftly from his siblings 😉 , but clearly has his very own distinct personality.

M has also had an enormous growth spurt, and just 1 molar left to go! I have been awaiting these molars to attempt any sort of weaning process. I don’t want the nursing phase to end necessarily, however lately it’s been like a 24/7 feat! I become a bit witts-end at times and really would love just a wee-bit of a break. (Makes one fantazise about temporary breast removal!) I remember with the others, that this toddler-hood allowed for a bit of a break because they were so busy during the day, and slept well at night, but with M it feels like it’s a full 24 hour event. And life must absolutely stop for Miss M because why should you need to stand in line at the grocery store if she wants to nurse  😀 ? She loves to use me as the human pacifier at night, and during the day she will tell siblings to wait for her (to play) while she goes to nurse. She’s quite hilarious. Her verbal has picked up SO much in the last month or two. She says the funniest things. She is the mini-me to whomever she is with at the moment. And quite the character to boot.

So let’s see…. AJCW has been going so wonderfully. I feel abundant gratitude for the booming community and all that it’s offering to homeschooling families as well. HYSL has been the same. We had an amazing season and already planning for future seasons as well! EHS has been going well, but I have come to the realization that I will not be continuing on as director in the next school year. This one school year is enough for me, and it will be time to pass the torch on that position. But we have loved getting to know families, and will continue to participate in all of the activities offered through EHS and Golden Rule. It’s been really really great for each of us.

I’m very close to the end of my certification! I’m really trying hard to get it done by end of November, early December so that I can look to start teaching by January. Calling it close really, but I am so, so, so close to the end. Some research papers, 1 more book/report, and a final exam! That’s it! Yippee!

This Thanksgiving was the year we opted to stay home as our own family unit. The past several years have been quite challenging to say the least. It was last year that decided this would be the year for change. As a mother I was beginning to feel like if did not start to instill some really fun, cherrishing moments and traditions for our children, they’d not want to come home for the holidays as adults 😀 . Ok, so perhaps a little over-exaggeration on my part. But really….. it was seriously time to make these holidays FUN…. and just plain more meaningful!

We had a blast. Everyone had a say on what we were going to prepare for our feast. We were planning to hang in our PJ’s all day, watch movies and play games. It ended up exactly as that. We had an awesome game of Monopoly last the whole day, between chowing and movies. We watched some classic xmas movies as well as Dolphin Tale which we all love. The day before we thoroughly enjoyed hanging all of our holiday decorations as well! Yes, call us early birds if you will, but we love the season, so why not start now? You only have so much time to do so, so…. get moving and enjoy!

We are looking forward to some fun holiday traditions, and starting more new ones!

Some more fun things pictured below:

M’s 2nd bday!
Chicago Fire Game!
Field Museum visit
Children’s Fall Fair at EHS
Rocket Launching!
SBJ’s talk at AJCW
(the rest are obvious 😉 )


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