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The Big ONE – Nakita Baby
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The Big ONE

M turned one today! I just can’t get over just how quickly this year has past us by. This by far feels like the quickest one yet! Seems like just not-so-long ago that we had that birthing tub set up in this lil’ ol’ room to welcome our little spitfire into the world. And that she is! I still will never get over the fact that I had seen her face in my dreams before she was even born… that I knew she was a girl deep down despite all the doubters ; ) She had even gone spread-eagle for me in 2 separate dreams, showing me she was a girl! Intense.

This year has been so amazing. She is just our little gem…. everyone’s little gem that is. She has a unique relationship with each and everyone of us, and she is just so-her-own-person! She knows what she wants already and no one is stopping her. She’s started walking a few months ago, and from the time she wakes up till the time she crashes, she does not stop moving. She is starting to say a few words already, and even if she can’t say it, she screams it. She has a wallop of a scream that you can hear down the block. You’d have better hope that your ear is not even w/in 1 foot of that mouth when it blows b/c you will hear the ring for several minutes afterwards! ; )

She LOVES music as much as her siblings, and has a few favorites already that we have noticed. So we deemed her 1st b-day a dance party birthday celebration! The day started off with a candle in her cheerios b/c let’s face it… who does not need to blow out candles several times on their own bday?! We headed off to EHS where the kids thoroughly enjoyed Golden Rule, and I substitute taught the K-1 class! Way-to-go me! ; ) It ended up being quite fun! And, I knew what K and D discussed in their classes b/c of it, so it was awesome to talk to them more about it when we were home later!

We had brought a cake to celebrate with our new lil’ community, and as it turns out, there was a couple celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary! They also brought a cake, so it was just such a joyful fun morning celebrating all these things together! After the K and D participated in the lunch packing for the shelter down in the city, we headed home with a bag of bday french fries to continue our celebration! That’s one of M’s favorites…. just as much as her sister. Those 2 have that much in common. Don’t each much at all, but they do love them a french fry!

We received a lovely surprise drop-in from G’pa who stayed for a short visit, and then afterwards M opened her gifts from us. That was about all she could take before crashing for an afternoon nap ; ) When she woke, she got some more playing with her new toys into the day, and we had an *amazing* Benechin cooked by SBJ! YUMMY!!! Rolling away from the table and needing to digest before bday cake, we had our dance party! That was such a blast. The kids picked out all the songs they knew that M loved. Quite cute! Even did Ring Around the Rosey for her as well.

We all got snuggled into PJ’s, climbed into bed and watched a movie. M and S crashed during the movie, and K and D soon followed. What a purely lovely day! Our little princess is one! Mama just wishes she had a magic potion to slow that clock o’ time down a bit!

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