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The Almighty-Waffle – Nakita Baby
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The Almighty-Waffle

So the other day I had posted a Facebook status that ran like this:

I don’t think anyone can quite grasp the meaning of the waffle in the J- household. You see, I had a very particular toddler who only ate the exact same thing for breakfast every single morning… since he was 2. Well, when that appetite doubled and I realized that a single box of frozen waffles barely made it to 2 breakfasts it was time I cave and start making them from scratch and freezing… them myself. My recipe has come under several revisions to its near-perfect concoction of today, 8 years later. It’s also grown to about 10c. of flour and 2qts of soy milk (which lasts *almost* 2 weeks for this crew). What amazes me more is that every subsequent baby has *no* idea what other breakfast food exists outside of waffles! This week we ran out (of the coveted waffles) over the weekend. They needed to forage for some semblance of a breakfast all week b/c I simply did not have the 2 hours to lend to our waffle brigade. And boy, did I pay for it! I don’t think I realized the power of the waffle till this AM. Today… I am finally able to replenish the waffle supply in the house and it has been the most, amazing, peaceful and gracious morning. I can only attribute that to the all-mighty waffle. Happy life ceases with the absence of the waffle. All has been restored. No worries y’all. I have created peace in the J- home once again, with the presence of the almighty waffle. It will be a beautiful week/end ahead! Hail to the almighty waffle!
I was just being kinda funny about how my children’s routines had been fowled up this week and that I had paid the brunt of that change due to the fact that the routine waffle breakfast had not been available to them all week long. Though I have come to perfect our recipe over the course of time, and there really is no better waffle out there (if I do say so myself), I know that everyone’s tastes buds are, well…. to-each-his own.
At any rate, to my surprise it was requested that I share my coveted waffle recipe, and I am happy to do so for all those eager to give them a whirl. Now….. for starters, I cook for 6 AND I cook them to be stored in the freezer for the easy waffle-toaster mornings for the next few weeks after a waffle marathon. So, the proportions you read below make an astronomic amount of batter that fit in a bowl larger than I see in most kitchens. So beware before you start to mix these ingredients as I have listed that you could a) simply be preparing too much for your clan, and/or b) have a gi-normous amount of batter that you simply may not have a bowl big enough for. Just things to keep in mind (and/or to be ready to calculate to proportions that work for you).
Ok…. so long, long ago I googled a recipe on that website www.allrecipes.com. I super love the reviews on the recipes and the fact that you can put in your number of servings desired and it will easily calculate for you. So what I have written down on my little index of a recipe card, that is current very well covered in all sorts of batter and ingredients, is the original recipe and calculations for us at that original time frame (years ago!).  This is the original recipe that I have since worked with and mastered to what works/tastes best for our family and find that toasting works really well too.
Original Waffle Recipe:
8 cups flour
1 tbs and 1 tsp of salt
1/3 cup baking powder
1/2 cup sugar
8 eggs
6 cups milk (we have always used soy milk)
1 1/3 c. butter
2 tbs vanilla
So….. as mentioned, I have taken this original recipe and tweaked to what works better for us. I also needed to ‘up’ the anty and have higher proportions of ingredients to squeak a few more waffles out of the process. Over time I have found that I have really liked to change things in attempt to be a bit more healthy of a waffle. I like to use a gluten-flour just because I feel like we could to with a little less in our diets! I have (at times) used egg-replacer and they work out just fine and quite yummy. I don’t always have the replacer on my cupboard shelf and therefore tend to use it less often. I am a Food 4 Less shopper and they have a good gluten free selection, but not-so-much when it comes to more vegan options (aside from the obvious). And, I also get wheat germ and will thrown that in there too. Makes me feel better anyway…. but the above recipe makes a really yummy waffle as well.
Ok…. so this is exactly what our J- coveted waffle will have for you:
12 eggs
3/4 (to or just under) 1 gallon of organic soy milk (I always do a fully half gallon and just about a full 2nd half gallon, but depends on how exact your flour measurements are….. I’m a horrible person to count on for measurements. I like to wing it. But it’s nearly a full gallon, or just under.)
4 sticks of melted butter
4 tbs vanilla
8 cups of gluten free flour
4 cups flour
appx. 1 cup of wheat germ (I always just sprinkle this in so exact measurement iffy)
1/2 cup baking powder
3/4 cup white sugar
1 (very loosely measured/not packed) cup of brown sugar
NO salt
I find that because I have up’d the measurements I have still cut back a bit on the sugar by using the brown sugar. They are really yummy. I also feel I have the right proportions on the gluten-free-to-regular-flour proportions so that the kids are kinda fooled. I have done all 100% gluten-free and they were not as loved-by-all. And it’s not a ‘mandate’ in our home due to an illness or allergy. Just a simple attempt to cut back on what’s not needed to be over-done. So this strikes just the right balance and leaves it a very nice texture…. quite yummy.
Ah….. so when I first started out making waffles, I was on this hand-me-down from my parents’ house…. this old beat-up 70’s waffle maker. Shockingly still working, but really…. just barely. I had been making waffles for K and D for some time on that machine till S and then M came along. I think it was that xmas with S around that I began to plead for a new machine. My one and only requirement was that I wanted a machine that created 6 waffles at one time. The perfect Cuisinart 6-waffle maker showed up that xmas and I have been in love ever since. Heats those bad-boys up in now time. Temperature sets and beeps when ready…  the whole deal. And what I like is that on the setting of ‘4’ it is just the right amount, yet if you don’t get back to that machine right when it beeps, or even if it beeps 2-3 times, you are not coming back to crispy burnt waffles. It’s a great machine and is serving us quite well. I just stack all them waffles in heaps, stack them in separate piles and re-use plastic grocery bags that we always keep around handy. The freezer door is completely lined with rows of waffles. Even S gets his own waffles out and pops them in the toaster when he wants to. Great routine for our family!
My only forewarning…. if you take on the coveted waffle routine in your house… beware of the waffle hiatus…. bad mood cometh. I cannot even express how absolutely insane my children can get when that routine is broken, if even for a couple of days! And on the very same flip side to that coin, I just love that I can make them something that I feel good about them eating and has them start their days off on a positive note. It’s a happy-mama-thing.
“Happy Waffle Making!”

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      Do you beat the egg whites separately or anything fancy like that (like I see in so many waffle recipes), or do you just dump everything in the bowl and stir? Trying to figure out how critical that time-consuming egg white beating process is. Thanks!

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      I use the whole egg (12) in the waffle process. I only do egg separately if I’m using the egg-replacer (vegan substitute… which I do like to do when I have it around). Then I do that first and then throw everything in. I should say…. I am absolutely the most impatient baker/chef. I like easy where it all goes in the same place at pretty much the same time. So the waffle process for me…. all in one bowl. I start with the liquidy stuffs and then start adding the dry, but don’t take the time to do it separately.

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