Today marks our 3rd week in Albuquerque….. and two weeks in our new home!

We had a blast in CA! As we headed from San Francisco to L.A. to visit family, we had such a beautiful ride. Time with family was priceless. Got lots of exhausting swimming in and plenty of pizza!  :-) And peacock feathers for the taking! What fun to see peacocks on the street like we would see squirrels in Chicago! We spent time checking out the ‘musts’…. according to offspring. One wanted to go to Diaso  Japan, another to Hollywood Blvd.. On the way out of town we also made a swing past a famous filming spot for Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Excitement was impalpable!














As we headed south and eastward we decided we just must pass through San Bernadino to visit the site of the first ever McDonald’s. The older two and I had watched The Founder not long ago and wanted to swing by and see the spot and visit the free museum. It was super cool and the curator was eager to give us a very VERY interesting earful of the ‘real deal’ …. quite a fascinating experience all around!













Having the gumption to make it as far as possible we over-nighted in Phoenix. Warm and cozy and closer to NM! I felt like it was getting to complicated finding a temp housing situation in Albuquerque via internet and phone so I made the executive decision to just get there, spend a weekend in a hotel, hit the ground running, find a place and move. Little did I know just what would transpire!


20170607_115444(0)We landed here June 7th in the evening. That gave me till the following Monday to find something. I spent that evening scheduling appointments and setting up a schedule for Thursday. We leave early Thursday morning to see a few places. As I’m seeking, looking and realizing I see that the better option would be to get a short term lease with a move-in special. After the first few stops we are thinking we have selected the place we want, but for save measure we opt to drive to other places listed on the vast checklist I’ve made. As we are cruising along I spot this place with flags and balloons waving, “move-in special!” I veer off the road to check it out. The place is awesome! Nice, neat, clean, 2 pools, 2 laundry rooms, a playground…. the view of Sandia’s is incredible! The units are perfect for what we are seeking, AND…. a 6 month lease and affordable to boot!

All this transpires to us having a new home!!!! We are officially New Mexicans (wanna be’s perhaps)…. But we have a semi-permanent residence here which will allow us to still do our fall travel, allows us to meet the homeschool community (which we’ve already had the pleasure to attend 2 park days, yeah!), and….. find a place where we will ultimately/permanently land when the 6 month lease is up!!! I still wake daily to the need to pinch myself as this place is just so freakin’ amazing! We are steps to the mountains and over see the whole town of Albuquerque. I have switched my license over, as well as driver account over so I was able to continue driving for Lyft here. It’s fun and amazing the kindness of people here. Everywhere I go I am beaming from how kind folks are. The landscape around me soothes my soul and the kindness of people makes my cup overflow.

We are planted here for the rest of the summer with many day trips all over this amazing state. Just the other day we did a complete route around the Sandia peeks and it was super duper fun and adventurous. We found a back road that was quite the back road…. we just laughed and joked the entire time at the situations we always encounter. At the massive peek we were able to look down and see all of the foot hills we’ve been hiking as well as our new home. We’ve had daily swimming in our pools, and the dry heat is just a sheer blessing. Nothing better. My daily Vit D doses the highest I’ve ever felt ’em and that makes me one happy mama.

K is gearing up to do the 48 Hour Film Festival here in Albuquerque in July!!! (With viewings the week to follow, early August.) Towards the end of the summer we head to another conference in Alabama. From there we will get a bit of travel in, head to Chicago and unload our storage unit and bring everything home…. our new home! Already planning for friends and family to come visit and our doors are open to YOU if you would like to visit Albuquerque as well!!! We will have a blast discovering new things together! Just let us know when you arrive and you have a place to stay!!!

xoxo, off to the pool!


20170604_183610 20170604_201514 20170604_230454 20170605_101841 20170605_101844 20170605_133143 20170606_122853 20170606_122814 20170605_133722 20170605_133719 20170605_133522 20170605_133200 20170606_123008 20170606_123114 20170606_123142 20170606_131524 20170606_131857 20170606_163805 20170606_162337 20170606_162202 20170606_161152 20170606_160941 20170606_163744 20170606_123358 20170606_163905 20170606_171528 20170606_192915 20170607_070105 20170607_115130 20170609_163604 20170609_163558 20170608_203020_001 20170608_175056 20170607_115444(0) 20170607_115137 20170609_210300 20170610_113723 20170610_114459 20170610_114643 20170610_114759 20170610_114812 20170610_114925 20170610_115403 20170610_115830 20170611_122053 20170611_122114 20170612_133459 20170612_133405 20170611_141839 20170611_141828 20170611_124134 20170611_123424 20170612_134847 20170613_155638 20170613_155644 20170612_134854 20170612_134921 20170613_190458 20170614_213728 20170612_141456 20170612_141543 20170612_141958 20170614_213841 20170614_213815 20170614_214058 20170614_214107 20170616_213004 20170617_151932 20170617_151941 20170617_151947 20170623_201252 20170623_150819 20170623_150756 20170620_114214 20170619_125852 20170619_125833 20170625_140833 20170625_142742 20170625_140844 20170625_142751 20170625_173602 20170625_140850 20170625_140858 20170626_161418 20170626_161458 20170625_141457 20170625_141720 20170626_161503 20170626_165203 20170626_165107 20170626_164958 20170626_162927 20170626_162406



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New Territory

It’s been quite a week! One of adventure and tons of newly unexplored territory!

For starters, I mentioned our beloved annual gathering at Kalahari Waterpark last week. The week was a tremendous blast. Kids got to catch up with friends from all over, we had much much water-logged days and gorgeous sunshine as well. (Just too bad the outdoor park was not opened yet!) We brought a buddy along with us as well, so that added to our fun and excitement for the week. The unanticipated ‘fun’ for that week was that I got robbed on our very last day in the park there…. it was such a major bummer.

I had brought along my Ergo baby carrier with me and I always presume this is the best place to put anything at all cause most (1) don’t even know what the Ergo is when they look at it, and (2) more than likely have no idea there is even a pocket on it somewhere. WELP…. totally proven wrong this particular day. I left our stuff at a table, which consisted of a few shirts, flip flops, towels and my baby carrier. In the baby carrier I had my phone, two credit cards, my room key and my most favorite kick-ass tree of life ring. Some point between 12:45p and 2pm someone nabbed my carrier. The whole stinkin’ thing. Gone. It was right about 2-2:30pm that I noticed it gone. Sort of in shock and looking all over the place I’m thinking ‘holy crap…. someone stole it.’ And the next thing I heard was ‘cha-ching, cha-ching’ as I heard my money being drained from my credit card and checking account.

I run over to the front desk and report it stolen and they contact security. But again, as the minutes are ticking by I hear money leaving my account. I ask them to send security to my room so I can run and close my credit cards. I run up to the room contact checking first and sure enough, there is a $400.29 charge at the Best Buy down the street at 2pm. Between contacting them and the next bank (where $373.68 was charged at the same place), the security from the hotel shows up. Going through the low down they offer to call the local police. I’m all for it…. if there is anything that can be done to recover my things, I’ll do it.

She goes to escort the Deputy to our room and I handle the other credit card closing. Both banks, by the way, are super great and easy to deal with. They close immediately and no further charges are incurred. And they reverse the charges or will issue refunds. So it’s handle pretty easily. Chase offers me a new card by walking right into a branch and providing ID. So that process as pretty painless….. not nearly needed or appreciated, but easy none the less. Thankfully.

After filing the report with the Deputy he says he’s headed to Best Buy for surveillance footage at or around 2pm that day. I finally get a shower, which allows me to feel half human again and the adrenaline is able to chill a bit. I take the little kids out and about the resort peeking around for the potential of them throwing my carrier somewhere. I was kinda hoping I’d just see it in the trash along with my phone. The carrier and phone are fairly useless to someone…. likely they are just hitting it for the money, right? But no luck. Nothing found. I drum up the urge to drive down to the Best Buy as well. I feel like if I have searched around there I will have done all I can possibly do in this situation.

While down the street peeking around I realize this is kinda stupid. My stuff can be anywhere on this planet at this point in time….. So whatever urge took over at that time, I decide to park and go in and talk to the manager. The thing that really got me was how the heck this person could have done this without a PIN number or ID?! I walk in and ask for the manager. When he arrives he asks, “how may I help you today?” And I reply with, “Uhm…. I’m really not even sure. I’m just trying to grasp something here…. HOW on earth does this merchant allow someone to make purchases of this magnitude without a PIN or ID?” He instantly knew who I was. But I continued on. I explained, I can hardly purchase a burger in Chicago without one or the other…. How does this even happen? He is immediately flushed in the face and is extremely apologetic but explains that is how the merchant works and the banks allow them that option. He goes on to explain that the Deputy did indeed come into the store and they went through footage. They have footage of a young woman coming into the store, purchasing a TV and a laptop and leaving into a silver jeep that had pulled up directly in front of the store.

So… the upside… they have good footage. They believe this person(s) is(are) local and my fingers a crossed resolution comes about this situation. BUT…. at the moment what is there to do but move on with life, right?! So the very next day we drive home to Chicago. The plan was to have a night’s sleep there anyway cause are headed westward to Portland for our first time at Life is Good conference out there. The downside was that we would be delayed cause I had to replace the debit card and stolen phone. The bank was so simple to deal with, the phone… ugh… a whole other story… of which I will not bore you with the details. I’m sure anyone who has Sprint knows exactly what I may have gone through that day, and after 5 hours of dealing with Sprint in person and on the phone, I’m finally back in business. I was even able to locate a new-to-us Ergo for just $30 on FB Marketplace, just 5 minutes away from the store where I got the new phone!!! So everything aligned fairly easy…. if you subtract the hours upon hours with Sprint. So…. we high-tailed it outta Chicago later in the day that Saturday!














(Our celebratory dinner…. the “Yeah! Mama didn’t kill anyone at Sprint today! AND…. we are hittin’ the road!” dinner.)


We head north and west through Wisconsin. We had an overnight in the wee wee hours of the night just next to the the Minnesota border, spent the day in and around Minneapolis seeing the Stone Arch Bridge, Minnehaha Falls, and Indian Mounds Regional Park. It was a super fun morning before heading westward further to Fargo. We did an overnight in Fargo, ND and then headed out to Standing Rock. The kids and I wanted to see the spot where we had heard of so much going on with the water protectors. 20170522_165215We drove out to the camp to see the bulldozers out there doing what they do. We drove just to the bitty start of the reservation and felt we wanted to go back and see the camp spot again. It was powerful…. even with it completely abandoned. We knew people who went there during the whole stand in, and we were well involved with collecting and donating. So it was a very powerful visit.

Onward… the journey and miles needed to be accomplished so we trekked onward. We next visited the Painted Canyon at Theodore Roosevelt National Park. It was stunning and beautiful and we were there right near sunset so the sun was coming down right beyond the amazing canyon peeks. We crossed the Montana border just before sunset and had an overnight in Billings, MT, and just before I spotted a 2000 lbs wild bison grazing just outside of the national park outskirts! (SO COOL!!)

It was mutually agreed upon we’d blow through one more huge leg of the trip to Spokane so that we could then enjoy a two night stay in a hotel…. no car! We were all feeling pretty fried. Fired up and excited cause we just discovered all of this new territory, but fried…. It was a lot to take on so quickly, but we also all knew that once we got the bulk of this journey down, the onward adventure would continue at a much slower pace. We have approximately 5 days in Portland and our trip southward is a no-rush adventure. We will be spending four to five weeks in Albuquerque, and a slow journey east ward from there. Eventually, later this summer we travel south and will spend most of the winter there. We are even discussing finding a place in Albuquerque to have a more permanent place, and continue to enjoy our long adventures. Lot’s to see, experience, discuss and decide.

For now, we are holed up in a Super 8, enjoying Wifi, snuggly beds, swimming pool and hot tub. We all slept till at least 10am today and it’s been just such an enjoyable day needed for all to recoop from the long-haul. These amazing kiddos accomplished NINE states in FIVE days and crossed four time zones! They rocked it and hard! Tomorrow we will enjoy much of this truly amazing scenery on our way to Portland. A mere five hour drive may be drawn out to six, seven or eight with the intentional stops to see the truly amazing parks, waterfalls, river scenes and more along the way. I love this breathtaking road and adventure!

We are excited to land at our friend’s home tomorrow! I know her from the Peace Corps and excited to catch up and visit. After two nights with her we will be at our first Life is Good conference, which we are very excited about as well! It’s going to an amazing time in Portland!!!

20170521_094804 20170521_094700 20170521_094535_002 20170521_094522 20170521_094301 20170521_093635 20170521_093737 20170521_093751 20170521_093821 20170521_094118 20170521_093401 20170521_093335 20170521_080728 20170520_202843 20170520_195503 20170524_155911 20170524_155901 20170524_155857 20170524_155855 20170523_190530 20170523_190725 20170523_220210 20170523_220217 20170524_131805 20170523_110124 20170523_161849 20170523_161923 20170523_161935 20170523_161941 20170523_104156 20170523_104124 20170523_082917 20170522_200042 20170522_195314 20170522_190216 20170522_190227 20170522_190438 20170522_190525 20170522_191549 20170522_185955 20170522_185946 20170522_185139 20170522_164632 20170522_135439 20170522_135708 20170522_164406 20170522_164409 20170522_164412 20170522_134107 20170522_134057 20170522_133657 20170522_133648 20170522_133114 20170521_195141 20170521_115305 20170521_160411 20170522_132256 20170522_132513 20170521_191740 20170521_191812 20170522_132559 20170522_132728 20170521_195113 20170521_103810 20170521_102744 20170521_102924 20170521_104837 20170521_114702 20170521_103130 20170521_103530 20170521_114925 20170521_114934 20170521_103616 20170521_102444 20170521_095621

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There are those places on earth that you may not get to all that often, but every time you return it’s like returning home…..

That’s where we have been the past…. uhmmm…. about 11 days. A truly beautiful place in SE Ohio. A farm quiet and quaint. Charming and beautiful. And yes, the aesthetics are pleasing, but the friends we visit are the highlights of the adventure there. We are always just so excited to see them and share in what I call their little slice of heaven. It’s been a wonderfully magical time.

Among the adventures on the farm, we also enjoyed a few day adventures. One included taking the kids bowling… which none of us had done in quite a looooong time. So we stunk… big time. But we had a blast! We had a blast stinking and then we went out to eat to fill the bellies of the bodies that lifted and threw bowling balls over and over again. It was still fairly decent out that day so I trekked to find a playground to enjoy and then back home for more fun.















Another day I took my kiddos on day trip. We ventured to Moundsville, WV where I replaced my West Virginia State Penitentiary bumper sticker. This was an adventure we had done last summer… visiting the most haunted paranormal jails in the states was super fun and exciting. We acquired our bumper sticker from the outing but sadly it went off on our RV when we sold it. So I was kinda determined to replace it. After revisiting and accomplishing that task, we headed up to Wheeling for some fun. After checking out the cool layout of Oglebay Park, we visited a very cool wooden park, a sorta cool “sculpture park” that had a whooping 3 statues in it, and saw a very beautiful suspension bridge over the Ohio River. We strolled down the over-full river side where we saw some very cool historical markers, and enjoyed the (finally) warm sun on our chilled bodies. We enjoyed some food out and the older kids met up with our friends to see another friend’s orchestra performance while I took sleepy little ones home to bed early.



20170509_144116_001 20170509_151341 20170509_151724 20170509_151829

























Another outing we had was to Pittsburgh! We took a day trip and enjoyed the National Aviary. This was a truly amazing spot. Quoted from their website as being a premiere bird zoo, we thoroughly enjoyed this newest adventure. Not only did we score free admittance because we were gifted a membership to a Chicago garden that was granting reciprocity to this place, but it was such an amazing, cool spot to visit was just soooo thrilled we made the trek out there to check it out. Several rooms with birds flying all over the place in and out their hiding places. We witness several feedings of various species, and enjoyed seeing some of the most majestic birds on the planet. It was super cool!

We planted ourselves at a hotel for the evening that night and the very next morning we popped on over to Kruger Street Toy and Train Museum in Wheeling. This was such a cool little spot as well! Another major score! I was a little apprehensive about how much it may have displayed, but not only was the museum truly amazing, but the interactives for the kids kept us there all day long! We had a blast exploring and playing for several hours that afternoon! Definitely recommend if you find yourself driving through!



20170511_142041 20170512_122745














Aside from our miscellaneous side trips, we enjoyed quite a few beautiful hikes in Raven Rocks with our friends. In and out of the woods and ravines. Soaking up the warm sunshine. Oh…. and the few bonfires as well as the full moon! It was a magical (plus) week out in SE Ohio!

This week ahead…. we have landed ourselves at our annual retreat at Kalahari Waterpark for our Unschoolers Waterpark Gathering. We are excited to be attending our eighth year, reconnecting with our tribe and getting some mega swim on! Enjoying this week each year is a very special time for each and every one of us! There is nothing like being around like-minded to rejuvenate the soul!




20170504_194035 20170504_202939 20170505_121934 20170505_142245 20170505_142257 20170505_150627 20170505_152440 20170505_155610 20170506_140228 20170506_140504 20170506_143334 20170506_222804_001 20170507_121226 20170507_125326 20170507_124915 20170507_121650 20170507_121645 20170507_121636 20170507_130803 20170507_131947 20170507_133638 20170507_161519 20170507_185416 20170508_130850 20170508_130557 20170508_130254 20170508_125840 20170507_185434 20170508_131047 20170508_131054(0) 20170508_203353 20170508_203407 20170508_203419 20170509_144102 20170509_144045 20170508_210824 20170508_203439 20170509_144116_001 20170509_144326(0) 20170509_151341 20170509_151427 20170509_151724 20170509_151829 20170509_152237 20170509_155810 20170509_160404 20170511_140012 20170511_140950 20170511_140728 20170511_140609 20170511_140451 20170511_140130 20170511_141819 20170511_142755 20170511_143005 20170511_141919 20170511_142041 20170511_143402 20170511_145254 20170511_142239 20170511_142713 20170511_145743 20170511_150256 20170511_150721 20170511_151100 20170511_151126 20170511_151244 20170511_153259 20170511_151922 20170511_161437 20170511_160232 20170511_154918 20170511_151447 20170511_151415 20170511_154845 20170511_153737 20170511_151355 20170512_122745 20170512_124239 20170512_125438 20170512_122933 20170512_123438 20170512_125827 20170512_125834 20170512_123740 20170512_123745 20170512_125908 20170512_135728 20170512_135721 20170512_133920 20170512_133916 20170512_132410 20170512_135754 20170513_115824 20170512_140657 20170513_164814 20170512_141239 20170512_142126 20170512_143418 20170514_191433


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Take off has been fairly seamless. A fantabulous week down with many more to come!

To start…. we took off for the Indiana Dunes to do a bit of camping (albeit COLD camping)… but camping for the birthday boy’s wishes! He’d been longing to get in some outdoor time, tent time, hiking, and of course s’mores. We all thought we could pretty much hack it, but ultimately the cold did dig it’s vicious grips into our deepest cores and sent us packing to a hotel for a swim, hot shower and heat!

We did get in quite a bit of hiking though, while we did last. Enjoyed the most amazing ice cream cake (another birthday wish which I was not as certain I’d be able to accomplish)…. alas, there was a Dairy Queen just 10 minutes from camp so the boy scored the best Death by Chocolate Ice Cream cake…. which we promptly ate as a complete lunch upon arrival to campsite.













The ‘highlight’ if you’d care to call it that, was M carrying away to a tick attached to her neck as we departed. It apparently grabbed hold of her some time on Tuesday and just a few hours later in a Walmart parking lot as I was herding them outta the car I noticed something on her neck/chest area. With a double glance at how she may have attained this weird mark on her body I realized right quick that she had a little carrier friend along for the ride. Without trying to freak out to much we swiftly marched into the Walmart to attain some supplies for a quick removal. Once gone, we sat in a Subway to feed some bellies and chill some nerves. With the plethora of information on our dear friend Google, I was feeling like I could chill a bit more. At the hotel I called our insurance nurse hotline and they felt we were a-okay and outta the woods…. but a bit more research and a visit at a Ohio urgent care we opted for the more preventative measures and started a round of antibiotics.

All that aside, we arrived in Beallsville, OH with dear friends we had met several years ago at an unschoolers conference. After several prompts to visit them, we did so last year and had so much of a blast we returned a few more times before fall season hit. Coming here is like returning to a place that feels like home. Such dear friends who share their little slice of heaven here in SE Ohio each time we return. It’s quite enjoyable catching up with them and enjoying the countryside. We will be here for the week to come before we head off to the Unschoolers Waterpark Gathering the following week.

20170501_113517 20170501_114901 20170501_132307 20170501_132316 20170501_132707 20170501_132922 20170501_133050 20170501_133027 20170501_133115 20170501_133454 20170501_133502 20170501_133517 20170501_133625 20170501_133721 20170501_143701 20170501_143802 20170501_164449 20170501_164655(0) 20170501_165040 20170501_165607 20170501_171308 20170501_172032 20170501_172416 20170501_172726 20170501_173600 20170501_174043 20170501_174126 20170501_174255 20170501_174554 20170501_180112 20170501_204649 20170502_105101 20170501_205759 20170502_161448 20170502_161455 20170502_161509 20170502_162746 20170502_164326 20170502_162258 20170503_220929 20170503_222300 20170504_120107 20170504_120113 20170504_194035 20170504_193112 20170504_202939 20170505_142257 20170505_142245 20170505_121934 20170505_150628 20170505_152440 20170505_152635 20170505_155601 20170505_155608

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It’s been a very busy winter’s end and start to spring! Conclusion to it all however is that we are now onward and excited!













February brought about a very magical Unschoolers Platform week! This year was such a warm, heart-felt group of truly amazing people. It was a wonderful week of connecting, supporting, loving. I simply can’t put words to how fabulous our second annual conference went this year!

Proceeding the conference it was full-on-sell-RV time!
I had the Class C advertised most of the winter, but as you can imagine, the response during the winter was pretty minimal. No one quite serious enough to pull the plug. As the summer weather was coming about, dozens of people came out of the wood works! It was fabulous. Lots of calls, emails, texts, and showings. I even had offers coming in, but I was holding out for the right offer. March 31st we are just so lucky to have the right family needing, wanting, and able. The whole thing went just smoothly and perfectly. And it was then we quickly said goodbye to our 2nd nomadic home in just a very short while.













The intent after leaving brick and mortar in our mini van was to have the Class C. Once having the experience of the Class C and realizing with kids it would work ever-so-better to be able to separate house and motor…. *and* have a wee bit more space for the stuffs. There is just kinda a lot of stuff, even in the minimalist’s world, to carry along with 5 kids. So we learned quickly with our Cobra that we’d like to have a separate motor and home and that was the end goal with the sale of our then 2nd nomadic home.

We were fortunate to find exactly what we were looking for. We landed inside a 2016 Ford Transit 350 XLT which only had about 21K miles on it when we purchased it. It is a 12-seat passenger van with the tow capability to pull a travel trailer if/when we decide to purchase and tow one. But the brilliance of this vehicle is that we can maneuver the country very swiftly in it as the space is incredible. So we feel so-so-so lucky to have scored this great deal.

So yep…. conference in February, RV sale in March, and car purchase in April! It’s been busy. We’ve celebrated a 15th birthday, lost a tooth, shaved long curly locks, braces removed, explored gardens, forests, said goodbye to a dear sweet guinea pig, watched our dear sweet puppy grow, and all the while finishing up swim team, virtual job hunting, and enjoying the fluke warm days Chicago was willing to grace us with. We’ve had quite a few fun adventures (pics enclosed below), but the biggest, most obviously, was the prep to hit the road once again. We have all be itchin’ for quite some time now. We set a departure date and set all sights on the when. The biggest thing happened upon purchase of the car was that I opted to sign up to be a Lyft driver. I have spent the last three weeks working pretty much full time for Lyft to pack some money away for the numerous adventures we have in store for this summer. It was a massive change for all of us. I have never ever been away from the kids full time for employment, and they rallied and then some. I hated being away from them so much, and they did not care for me to leave. But we made the agreement that we’d see this three weeks through because the income was so immensely beneficial to all we wanted to do and see this summer (and fall).

After a very successful three weeks, I closed out my Lyft career last night, we packed up the car today, and hit the road. We celebrate a 9th birthday tomorrow and this little gentleman wanted to explore the Indiana Dunes for his birthday…. so we are not all that far from home. Which ended up being a good thing as it took a great deal of time to get the car packed up and ready to go today. And then, on top of the length of time we took to depart, it was pouring rain and dark, so we ended up choosing a hotel nearby and move into our camping spot tomorrow morning for a full few days of exploration.

It’s amazing to be back on the road! Looking forward to sharing the adventures with you here! Meantime…. here are some fun pics from our past few months!


Resized_20170427_213248(0) 20170430_115616 20170412_134836 20170412_134548 20170412_134418 20170410_115215 20170411_115907 20170412_124630 20170412_124746 20170412_131859 20170408_182033 20170409_124107 20170409_124120 20170409_130910 20170409_131938 20170318_174058 20170318_174756 20170318_175301 20170318_204645 20170404_173833 20170318_164016 20170311_150343 20170308_135835 20170308_132448 20170308_131040 20170307_164117 20170301_182607 20170308_125233 20170302_163649 20170308_130506 20170304_121624 20170308_130841 20170306_111306 20170308_130907 20170307_154717 20170224_145957 20170215_215435 20170224_145952 20170215_214928 20170223_215301 20170215_175823 20170221_165453 20170214_201447 20170216_110338 20170214_194858 20170214_194857 20170212_145040 20170214_161553 20170213_184129 20170212_171325 20170212_162728

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Nomads’ New Year

Happy New Year!

We had such an incredible 2016! It was truly fantastic for each and every one of us on this end. I realize I have been somewhat incognito for some time. Life has been…. busy…. to say the least. End of October we spent much time bouncing from place to place in and around Chicago. November 1st we ended up at my brother’s home. We had made the familial decision that it was best to sell this rig instead of invest in new tires (after the massive blow out), simply because this rig is just not big enough for us. Also, it became abundantly clear in our adventures that having a vehicle and wee bit more storage would be MUCH wiser for the sheer number of people and activities we have going on. So, we needed a place to park it for a few months, allowing us time to sell the RV and invest in a truck/vehicle plus a travel trailer. TT seems the much better route for us.

And…. it just so happened that my brother was in major need of some family support. Our family is quite distant (to say the very least). Last I spoke to my brother was years ago. But I heard from my dad that he was in a tough way. He was laid off, house nearing foreclosure, and mounds of debt if he did not swing things around right quick. House was kinda in shambles when we arrived, but we struck a deal that I’d help him get his house back in shape and help him rent out rooms to build up income to save his house. At the start, we lived in the RV in the driveway for quite some time. Needed to get the house in order before moving in. Eventually we moved into a large back room to the house that has backyard/private entrance. Kids have a fabulous yard, a fun fire pit, and super nice neighborhood and forest preserves to explore. Overall been a great stay.

I’ve helped him rent out some space in his home, he regained his job back (whew!) and he’s at the very very beginning stages of getting back on his feet. I’m working hard on selling our rig for it’s value, and getting the conference up and running! It’s only a few short 6-or-so weeks away! Wowza!

Our hope is to be situated by conference time so that start of March we may set back out once again. And so far, we seem to be on par with that plan! In the meantime, the kids are having fun catching up with Chicago friends and taking a few classes. D got back on the swim team for our period here, K has been working VERY hard on filming projects, and the littles will all start park district classes in the week or two ahead. AND!!!!!! A new puppy has been occupying much of ALL of our time. Meet Mansa. He’s a true sweet pup. 10 weeks old now, but was a xmas present to the kiddos. Super awesome addition to our family!







So….. the new year had me thinking….

Well…. actually it was the FB posts I had been seeing ALLLLLLLL over the place suggesting that 2016 could go F-itself. I was kinda confused. But really….. the confusion just is mine and mine alone. Yeah, there were clearly some truly crazy wordly woes that happened this past year. Many celebrities died, we had probably one of the craziest presidential elections of all time…. Natural disasters and the like. It was rough on a wordly perspective. Ironically however, our family had one of the best yet. It was such a super-special year full of experiences and personal achievements.

February we hosted our first ever unschooling conference and it was a raging success. By May K had completed a full feature documentary about homeshcooling and hosted a movie premier. We participated in the UWG conference, traveled some more in the summer, including east-coast travels and participation in the Unschoolers Rock the Campground weekend. We furthered beautiful relationships with friends on a farm in Ohio and fell in love with them and their amazing slice of heaven. We explored ideas to move/relocate but then ultimately decided to pick up and hit the road full time on our nomadic adventures. Just before nomadic adventures commenced however, K participated in the 48 Hour Film Festival and won Audience Choice Award (amazeballs!!!!). A first-time trip to Rethinking Everything completely changed our lives for the better. The experience, the adventure, the people…. it nourished us in ways we did not even realize needed nourishing and fostered amazing connections with beings I LONG to see again super-duper soon. We purchased our first RV and had the most “amazing” adventures in the first rig. (And yes, I’m being sarcastic there!) But in all seriousness, I was meant to have that rig to teach me a plethora of things I could not have gathered from any other experiences. So I feel totally blessed to have had the time and experience in our first rig. We had the MOST AMAZING trip to AZ to participate in the Free to Be conference. We happened upon the International Balloon Fiesta in NM and man…. live felt completely altered from there. Upon return we rekindle family relations with my brother which has actually been super duper great. The kids did not know their uncle at all. And, we have been able to spend more getting things on track for the conference (which we are SO excited about due to all of the amazing speakers AND registered participants already!)!!

I’m sure I’m leaving some things out…. mainly due to me not recalling every detail but living in a state of bliss for all that has come our way this past year. It was a really amazing year, and because of this I am super stoked at what 2017 is bound to bring our way! It’s going to be a great one!

I’m closing out with some pics of our near-end-of-year adventures here. Some are likely repeated due to previous blog posts I’ve shared, I’m just thrilled to share them with you! Happy New Year!!!!

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