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We babysit

ShareJoin our FUN homeschooling family! (SW Evanston) We are fun homeschooling family that is looking to continue providing part time childcare based on your family’s needs. I have over 19 years of in-home childcare experience, having nannied for families before (in their home, and ours), during and after college, as well as before and after entering the U.S. Peace Corps. […]

The Deed….

ShareIs done. It’s been a long agonizing decision on what to do. I really did not anticipate being with CCAP beyond having M. I felt that having 4 little ones around was going to make my LCC position increasingly more difficult, and over the course of this past year it proved increasingly so. Do to many changes and circumstances, and […]

Birthday Amidst

ShareIt’s been a very busy busy week. Not only were there some classes ending while others were starting up, but we all in varying degrees were battling some cold-thing going on. Hit some of us a lot harder than others, and trying to keep up with life while so much was going on…. well, ya know. K and D both […]

March Madness

ShareWhat is it with me and my profound inability to say ‘no’ to just about anything? I’m truly failing on this particular new year’s resolution I attempted to withhold for myself and my personal growth. And this month of March is a spectacular example of that. I mean we have had only 1 day at home since the start of […]

One week down… how many to go?

ShareHa… only joking there. But on a more serious note there is a huge sense of accomplishment having gotten through one week already! There is something so insanely stressful about keeping a newborn alive. Really… them figuring out the whole breathing thing, not to mention the breathing with the eating thing…. simultaneously. Oh… well and then the whole eating, breathing […]

Woop woop!

ShareI’m back! Not sure what the cliche was… but I had not been able to post for several days due to being unable to log in or get to my site. Probably somethin’ my brother finagled to get me back up and running. Somehow…. I’m back! So…. we are just days from baby-launch a.k.a. due date! Literally just 3 days and […]