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Crafty Beavers

ShareToday was our first day of the craft fair and it went really pretty well! We had a few sales, but really the kids just had a super blast. K had a few minor meltdowns b/c he did not sell as he had envisioned his artwork would sell and he had a really hard time taking that in. But once […]

Sanity check

ShareWell… see the delay in posting speaks wonders to how my week went. Many Halloween festivities and stuffs going on that it was hard to keep track. We had the horrible weather Monday and Tuesday, and I was feeling much like a little baby for not wanting to trek around to classes. It wasn’t too bad after I finally shoved […]


ShareYes, that describes it to a ‘t’….. challenge. I have had good intent to sit down and blog this week and each time I have had not much to chatter about. Life is just good…. great in fact. I am in a state of relief now that classes are over. I really was reaching breaking point with the schedule there, […]