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Dear D

Share Happy 5th Birthday my precious princess…. spitting image of myself. You were born to me to teach me so much of who I am and so much of who I was not allowed to be. You are an amazing young lady with a heart larger than most I know at wise old ages. It’s because of you that I […]

More fun with G’pa

Share A short time back we invited G’pa over to our house to ‘play’ all day long and feed him a yummy lunch (thanks to Nancy and her chicken salad recipe ; ) !! While G’pa was here, D and he painted this beautiful mural we have hanging in our office/playroom. I desperately want to find a frame big enough […]

Mr. Boober is 5 months old!!!

ShareOh my how the time flies! I just can not believe he is 5 months old…. What a whirlwind adventure since he’s joined the scene. I find it so amazing, fascinating and awe-dropping at how unique this little man really is. It’s remarkable that they can be so individual! His latest tricks…. Well…. he is sitting. Though still a little […]