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Vegan Waffle Success!

ShareOur first attempt at the vegan waffle with an egg replacer and had a hit! I’m thrilled. They came out great, the kids loved them, and really… I feel great afterwards. I don’t think I realized just how much dairy has been impacting me till starting to eliminate it in various ways in our lives. But I do recall in […]

Gettin’ By

ShareHoliday season is rough this year. I think it’s getting harder for me as the kids get older and I so desperately want to establish some of our own traditions in our family that just don’t get put as a priority. My fault really, as the past few years I have just succumb to everyone else’s plans and put ours […]


ShareSo, I believe it is completely official…. I am mildly allergic, or at the very least intolerant of cow’s milk. Yep. My attempt a a chocolate malt b/c that’s what I was craving has failed miserably. I feel yuck. Fortunately, not puking it up, but definitely going to a long night. This was a growing thing… has been since I […]

Gripey, but happy!

SharePart of me doesn’t even want to post today out of fear that I will sound very gripey. It’s been a long day, but overall things were quite good. So despite the potential gripe that will ooze from my finger tips, I really feel quite at ease this evening and eager to turn on a Netflix-flic and kick back for […]

Vegetarianism J’Style

ShareSo it’s something like day 14-15 on the vegetarian kick and it’s just a thrill really. I think during my food prep time in the last couple weeks I’ve come to the conclusion that vegan is just not in the extremely near future, but maybe (a very very strong maybe) for the future.¬†Main conclusion I’ve come to for myself is […]

Kairya Dorong

Share Life’s been so busy here, and yet in ‘peace only’. That’s always a blessing isn’t it? I reflect on where I last left off and we had just celebrated K’s 8th birthday. It’s sureal how much he has grown both physically and mentally over the last 6-ish months. There have been tremendous changes and I’m thrilled to say that […]