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Jail Bird

ShareWe seriously have not been on a road¬†trip in SOOOO long that I feel like I’m doing something I’m not supposed to. I felt this way back in January when we were trapped in the house for a couple of weeks cycling that horrible illness we all had (including strep and a round of antibiotics for all). I remember those […]

Happy Valentine’s!

Share Woke to a cute lil’ note from D this AM. She is the sweetest lil’ artist ever! K was insistent that he told daddy to get his act together and bring somethin’ home from work for me ; ) K is quite funny. But sure enough, SBJ did as instructed…. an awesome card and LOTS-O-CHOCOLATE! Yipes. I think that’s […]

You look….

ShareTired. Yep… isn’t that something you always want to hear? Ironically, I showed up to this place feeling awesome. I had a fabulous night’s sleep. I got out the door on time with 4 kids in tow. Kids were all excited about the class, and I was greeted with…. “OHHH…. today you look tired.” I even question, “What? Really? Hmmm…. […]

We’ve been having fun!

ShareSo this last week of FHC was dinosaur week! Man did we have a blast creating our own fossils! But even more fun was just before that, we went to our very first InHome Conference! The first day of our adventure, the kids attending a couple of unschooling workshops that I desperately did not want to miss, and then we […]