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ShareThe kids have been in the press lately! It’s be kinda fun to see them out there and about doing great things. A friend of mine sent me the link to last year’s visit to the fire department here in Evanston. I tend to take the kids annually during fire prevention week and D was photographed last year, and I […]


ShareYep… my head is literally swimming this evening. Sitting here contemplating what to blog about and have a million thoughts going through my head.  Prepared for a little dip?? I just sat through part of the tv show The Apprentice. I really have no idea what to say to that but, “what??? REALLY??” I had watched the first season or […]


ShareThe TV show… it’s become one of my new favorites to tune into. I appreciate each and every dynamic in this show and find it comical and relatable. I am not even sure how I first tuned into this show, but when the season premiere came on, I was kinda hooked. Haven’t had a show like that since I was […]